Bride and Groom

Josh and I met in 2008 and once the year 2010 rolled around we knew dating was in our future. At the top of a mountain on a cold December day, that sweet fella got on one knee and looked as cute as a button as he asked me to marry him.

Under a big oak tree next to the most beautiful colonial home you've ever laid on eyes, we committed our lives to each other and I cried my way through the whole ceremony. I love that man, what can I say? September 21, 2013 was a magnificent day.

The Lord has truly laid His favor upon us by giving us the opportunity to have a marriage with each other, and we work so hard day in and day out to glorify our Maker with our marriage.

Right here you'll find posts about all of my wedding rambles.

The Proposal // Through Our Eyes
The Venue
How I Asked My Maids
Meet My Girls
Engagement Pictures
Save the Dates

Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower Number 2
Bachelorette Party

Bridal Portraits
Getting Ready
First Look
Bridal Party
Family Photos
Entrances & First Dance (s)
Cake & Tosses
The Reception
Details of the day
Image Map


  1. eeeeek! I love weddings. So excited to see y'alls blossom in front of me! Since James and I flew to Vegas and didn't have a wedding, I sometimes get wrapped up in everyone else's!

  2. I cannot wait to look through all of these posts!! Marriage is just the most fun, and I'm so happy you're happy! :)

  3. Beautiful picture!! You both are looking made for each other. Will surely go through other posts. My sister will be soon tying knot at one of Los Angeles venues. Will make her special day tremendous by hiring wedding planners for the event.


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