Weekend Rewind

This weekend was a nice, relaxing one! Saturday we headed downtown and strolled through Carolina's campus and the horseshoe for awhile. It's spring break for the students which makes it the perfect time to explore campus! We had a bit of a photo-op with the new Cocky statue and Murph :) 

Later that afternoon we got out our bikes and rode around the neighborhood, which strangely enough, we have never done before. We always load up our bikes and take them to the nearby trails, but yesterday we decided to ride through the streets close to our house. That evening we went to a restaurant down the street, Henry's, and both had the best hamburgers in the world. I got the Greek burger which had feta, olives and greek dressing drizzled on it - so good! After finishing dinner at Henry's, we headed to Frankie's and had a little battle on the putt putt course. I'll mention that I won and Josh has to detail my car next weekend - lucky me ;) 

Today consisted of church, taking Murph on a walk, watching Tiger Woods in the final round of the Valspar Championship and then I went for a run and bike ride while listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast. Today was the first day I've ever listened to a podcast and I don't foresee it being the last. I'd love to know what podcasts you recommend! 

For dinner tonight, I made this chicken noodle soup which was fantastic and now I'm curled in the lazy boy winding down before hitting the hay to gear up for another week. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with a great week ahead! 

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