Our Trip To Dallas

This post has been written for...close to a month now, and I've finally gotten my act together to get it posted. Happy Sunday friends, here's to hoping we all have a great start to the work week!

We had the best time visiting Dallas, and a few other places in Texas. We flew from Charlotte to Dallas Love Field, and we both liked the airport in Dallas. It was easy to navigate and we rented a car from the Enterprise on site. A shuttle took us right there after we got off our flight, and it was such an easy process. We also flew Southwest for the first time and after a little blip on our end for our flight to Dallas, we figured out Southwest's system and had an easy flight back. Also, shout out to Southwest for streaming my Housewives on Bravo the whole flight. I'm sure Josh would want me to mention he watched football and golf, ha!

Our first full day in Dallas we spent at ATT Stadium at the Cowboys season opener. No matter if you are a Cowboy fan or not, if you're in Dallas during football season and the Cowboys have a home game...GO! I'm not kidding, you need to go. ATT Stadium was one of the craziest places I've ever been, and it was just massive and overwhelming. I mean, we ate our nachos chilling on a couch in the middle of the stadium before the game started, it was certainly an experience. They also do a big pregame show in their Miller Lite Plaza and there were DJs and performers, and concessions and everything in between. I'm also fairly certain I saw a least 7 DJs in different areas of the stadium once we were inside. It was kind of like a big party the whole time. We had such a great time and I really hope we are able to go back to another game one day.

On our second day in Dallas we went to Topgolf, per Josh's request. We went in the morning so we basically had the whole place to ourselves. It was a lot of fun and sort of like bowling...but golfing...if that makes any sense, haha! After we finished up at Topgolf, we went in to downtown Dallas and visited the JFK Museum. Josh and I both thoroughly enjoyed going through the museum and seeing such a large part of America's history. It's always surreal to see the actual places where history took place. There was a big "X" in the middle of the road where Kennedy was shot and the part of the library where they believed Lee Harvey Oswald was perched was glassed off. It was eerie and fascinating all at the same time. After finishing up at the museum, we wandering around downtown Dallas going in a few shops and checking out their downtown area. We finished up the day visiting Reunion Tower where we were able to see the whole city. 

We hoped in our rental car on Tuesday, our third day, and headed south to Waco to visit...I'm sure you can guess...Magnolia Market! I may or may have gasped when we rounded the corner and saw the Silos :) Dramatic, I know. We had such a fun and leisurely day at Magnolia. I'm so glad we chose to go on a Tuesday, it wasn't a bit packed and we were able to navigate the store and the grounds with ease, which I know enhanced the experience for us. Not one detail of the grounds were overlooked and it truly was an experience. It was all perfectly "Joanna". We bought a few things in the store, then headed to the bakery where we had chocolate chip cookies that were bigger than our faces and I also had a lemon and lavender cupcake and I say this in all honesty, it was the best cupcake I have ever had. It was the perfect amount of sweet and tart and just wonderful altogether. Also, a fun note about the bakery is that they give you a card to mark exactly what you want when you go in, so that when we get in line you just pass your car to the cashier and go on your way to the pick up line. I can imagine this really helps with bottle necking on busy Saturdays. We ate at one of the food trucks on site, Milo, and if you ever go, get the truffle fries. Pure goodness! After seeing all that Magnolia had to offer, we got back in the car and headed north to Fort Worth.

Someone mentioned to me that Fort Worth did a cattle drive down one of the main roads and as soon as I heard "cattle", I knew we had to go. I never pass up an opportunity to see a cow...or a steer :) Fort Worth truly felt like we had been transported to the wild west. The Stock Yards screamed "old world" and I adored watching the cattle walk down the street. You are able to stand on the sidewalk and they just stroll right by you. We also went into the Stock Exchange which was really neat to see. They still have working offices in the exchange and we saw where they still do cattle auctions and trades today! We took a peek at the steer in their pens before they did the cattle drive and they were all taking a nap, it was so darn sweet! We were standing right by one when it woke up and started stretching. And as crazy as I know I sound, watching an animal that big being so sleepy and getting up to stretch its legs was just so.stinking.cute.

We had two really memorable meals in Dallas. One was mexican and one was BBQ. The mexican blew South Carolina's mexican food out of the water, oh my goodness it was heavenly. Also, we had beef brisket at the BBQ joint and I have no words. So delicious. So thumbs up to you, Texas, for the awesome mexican and BBQ. It's also so neat to see how different the landscape in Texas is. They don't have tons of huge trees lining their highways and roads like we do, so everything truly felt 10 times bigger than home. The expanse just went on and on and on, it felt like you could always see for miles and miles, no matter which way you looked. And a Texas sunset, my goodness, just stunning. 

We had such a fun trip and it was great to put a pause on reality for a few days. I know traveling isn't everyones cup of tea, but I am just so thankful for the opportunity to travel with Josh and get to experience the world together. Seeing new places, meeting new places, and taking new adventures just fill me up so much. Travel is always high on my list of priorities and I hope and pray that we are able to always travel together and create these fun memories.