Blogtember Day 8: House Tour

Hey friends, Happy Thursday! I'm really enjoying this link up and have got to get on sending comments back and visiting all the blogs! Hoping I may have some down time in the airport on Saturday on our way to Dallas to play a little catch up. Starting my new job this week meant beginning to adapt to a new routine and schedule, so I'm a little out of whack ;) 

I snapped these photos quickly last week of our house. It's on my to-do list to get some great photos of the house that we can treasure forever. We've been here three years now and feel very settled in to our style. I'd love to do a home shoot, maybe for our anniversary this year, and get photos of our home and us in it. I would treasure those forever! I only took one shot of our guest room, and not a very good one, none of our office and none of our outdoor space. I'm going to get some of out outdoor space ASAP. We've worked too hard on it to not show it off ;) haha! I hope you enjoy taking a little visit into our home. 

I'd describe our style as very Southern, lots of blues, whites and greens. We like for things to be comfortable and for the house to feel lived in. We like to decorate with pictures of ourselves and Murphy, ha! And we really love maps, hence the HUGE map of the Augusta National Golf Club on the wall in the kitchen. You are welcome, Joshua :) 

Welcome to the Colvin abode!


  1. I love your decorating style! And, as an SC native I love the map in your bathroom :) Where did you get it?


  2. Beautiful! I love the colors and how bright everything is.


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