Blogtember Day 2: Goals

Before we get started I just have to yell GO GAMECOCKS! We started our season last night with our new head coach and brought home a W against Vandy, wahoo! Ok, now on to today's scheduled post :)

Today for Blogtember the prompt is to share your current goals, perfect timing here at the beginning of the month! Josh gave me a set of Lara Casey's Powersheets for Christmas last year and I did an awesome job at keeping up with them...until May, and I totally fell off the wagon. However, since I've got some down time at the beginning of this month, I dusted them off yesterday and got to goal setting. I like to set goals as well as list the things I know I'm doing that month that I'm looking forward to, so that is what you'll see below!

September Goals: 

- Enjoy our anniversary trip to Dallas
- Figure out and decide on anniversary photos
- Put some money away and get our finances back in order after a hectic summer (hello A/C going out - in the house AND my car)
- Make one new recipe
- Start a new Bible study and/or devotional
- Send a sweet friend a birthday gift
- Celebrate mom's birthday with dinner and a Carrie Underwood concert
- Start my new job and begin the learning and adjusting process

So there we go, a few good goals and events I'm looking forward to this month. I'd also like to maybe, potentially, kind of get started on a Christmas gift list. I say this every year, and don't typically get around to it until the beginning of November. However, maybe this year will be different and I'll be able to get my act together :)

My mom and I are off for a little girls weekend to Greenville, we started this tradition last year and had such a good time. We'll spend the weekend eating lots of good food and doing lots of good shopping, right up our alley :) I hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, A/C out in your home AND card??? That's craziness! My A/C in my car only blows out hot air, which is absolutely no help on 90+ degree weather days! But I would go crazy if I couldn't escape the heat in our home as well! Yikes!

    Have a great trip to Dallas! Hubby and I are heading there at the end of the month to see family :)

  2. Powersheets are on my goal list as well! What sort of bible study/devotion are you looking for?

  3. Have so much fun at Carrie Underwood! She is really great live, she puts on a really good show!


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