Blogtember Day 1: About Me

Hey friends! Happy September 1st! September is undoubtedly one of my favorite months, our anniversary month, duh ;) And along with celebrating our anniversary comes college football Saturdays and cooler weather...my heart is fluttering as I type this. So, as I'm sure is no secret, probably for about two years now I haven't been in a super consistent blogging routine. And for no real reason, honestly; just haven't felt extremely strong urges to sit down and write very often. With that being said, today I am starting Bailey's Blogtember Challenge and I'm really excited to share more with you guys this month and to discover new blogs along the way! I can't say that I'll be here everyday for every prompt, but we'll see how it goes :) 

Today's prompt is chatting about yourself, and here we go! 

For those of you that may be new here I hope you'll get a little peak at me, my life, my style, my home, my husband and my puppy dog :) For those that are regulars...if I have those?...LOL...Hey Granny! (My grandma is my most loyal follower and I know she is going to be so excited for lots of posts this month :) I hope you'll enjoy a bit more content than usual. 

My name is Lindsay, I'm 24 years old and live in the capital city of South Carolina. This month, on the 21st, my husband and I will celebrate 3 blissful years of marriage. After accepting Christ as my savior, my marriage has been the most important and best decision of my life. My husband, Josh, is my very best friend, as I'm sure most people say that about their husbands...or at least I hope they do! Josh and I love sports, especially golf and football. We are die hard Carolina Gamecock fans, Tiger Woods fan (we have forgiveness in our hearts for his previous mess ;), North Carolina Tarheel Basketball fans, Dallas Cowboys fans and religiously follow LeBron James to whatever NBA team he may be on...Hey, Go Cavaliers! I have to laugh at myself for mentioning sports so early on in my description of myself, but being married will change you my friends...and I live and die by sports now, I would have never thought! Thanks, Joshua :) 

I went to a smaller college in a sweet little country town in South Carolina, and I am a proud Lander University Alumni, Go Bearcats! I have a BS in Mass Communications and Public Relations. My three years at school were some of the best of my life and although I flew through school and shaved a year off of my time there, I would not trade my time at LU for anything in the world. 

You'll come to know I move quickly, talk quickly, make decisions quickly, and do everything quickly if we're being honest! 

Josh and I bought a sweet little white house with a bright red front door (well, we painted that after we moved in) 3 years ago, about a month before we got married, and I have been over the moon the last few years decorating it and making it fit our style perfectly. We have put a lot of sweat equity in our home and I love and adore this place of ours. We love to open our door to friends and family any chance we get, and I'd fill up our dining room table with guests every night of the week if I could. We have a rescue pup named Murphy and he truly the light of our lives. In our house, dogs are people and are treated as such. So while we have no human children currently, Murphy is definitely our child and we love that furry animal so much. If you around us for longer than about a minute, you will be sure to hear a Murphy comment or story at some point. We are animal lovers through and through. I love to cook and you can usually find me in the kitchen tinkering with a new dinner or dessert recipe on any given day.

It's funny that I'm sitting down to describe myself today...because I have a new adventure to share with everyone. Yesterday was my last day at my previous job where I worked in marketing. In a few short days I will start quite truly my dream job at a design studio as their Market Partner Coordinator. It is so funny, and such a blessing, to watch the Lord work. He swooped in an got me out of a situation, that I will be able to explain at a later time, in the nick of time and delivered me right on the doorstop of a company I'd been longing to work for. He sure does take care of His children! 

While there is obviously a ton more I could share about myself, I'm sure you've had enough :) I'm so glad that you are here in my space, I sure love sharing it with you. Here you'll find a little about regular life happenings, trips we take, Murphy (duh!), our faith, our home and a little bit of everything in between. THANK YOU for stopping by, please leave a comment so that I can go visit your sweet space of the web too!


  1. I laughed out loud at your forgiveness for Tiger Woods and his personal mess! Love it! Haha!

  2. Congrats on the new job! What an exciting season to start doing something you are passionate about!

    Visiting from the challenge

  3. Oh Tiger... he is still my Grammy's favorite golfer.

    Congratulations on the new job! I hope it lives up to everything you hope it to be!

  4. I love your shoutout to your grandma for being your most loyal follower - my grandma is mine too!

  5. Your blog is so cute! I can't wait to keep reading it and learning more about you!

  6. Congrats on your new job!! The Lord is so, so good and his timing is always perfect. Love that last picture of your cute little family! :)

  7. Lindsay,

    Glad to see you back on the web, I've missed your blog posts! I didn't know you were a fellow Dallas Cowboys fan! And Congrats on the new job!


  8. I'm a little partial to husbands named Josh. ;). I'm excited to read and follow along this month!

  9. So exciting!! Yay to college football and so sweet about your grandma!

  10. I'm married to an obsessive sports fan so I feel like I know a little bit about every single sport out there--and watch them too! But because I'm born and raised in the South, I am a huge college football fan and am an alumni of The University of Alabama. So glad I found your blog through the link up!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  11. Nice to meet you! Congrats on your new job, it sounds like a great opportunity!

  12. What a cute family! Good luck with your new job!

  13. Exciting about your new job! That is awesome. Happy September to you! :)


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