Life Lately

HEY friends! Oh my goodness, I've let this space sit unattended for a bit too long over the last month, but what I can say? We've been busy and life has been crazy. So, let's just catch up. 

Tomorrow we celebrate three years of owning our home. I can't believe it's been three years already! We love our little home so much and looking back over the last three years and the blood, sweat and tears, work AND MONEY we've put in to our house is unbelievable. We actually just finished up our patio project yesterday and it looks incredible, I am over the moon. Josh busted his butt he past few days to get it done for me, and yesterday we tackled the last leg of it together. I've got a little bit of staining to do this week but it's basically all done and looks like a million bucks! And we're also going to plant lemongrass all the way around the edges. I'm so thankful for the place that we call home and when I think back over just the last year and the fun parties we've had, showers we've thrown and dinners we've shared with people we love makes me so very happy. 

On Saturday I'm throwing a shower for my sweet friend Mackenzie to celebrate her little girl that is due on Halloween! The theme of the shower is pumpkins, utilizing the colors that will be in the nursery which are coral, mint and a few other accent colors. I'm so looking forward to celebrating that sweet babe and her mama. (Also, throwing a shower is perfect motivation to finish up home projects ;) 

Last week we went to Charlotte on Thursday night to see our man Keith Urban. I've mentioned it plenty of times before, but I love concerts, they are my thing. And I especially love Keith Urban, so combine the two and you've got one happy girl :) 

We're only a few weeks away from our trip to Dallas, and when initially sat down and booked the trip I had a bit of an itinerary planned out for each day...but I haven't looked at it since. I should probably get my act together and nail down exactly how we'll be spending our days in Texas!

We went to Edisto Beach with my in-laws at the beginning of the month and had a nice, long relaxing weekend at the beach. Josh played golf one evening and we had such a great time just the two of us cruising the beautiful course and watching the sunset. I was also the caddy for the evening and did quite a jam up job if I do say so myself ;)

I've been slacking big time in my kitchen over the last month, but I have been putting my spiralizer to good use a few times. I just love how easy it is to use! I've done zoodles twice and even did curly fries one night...I'm not sure they were quite as good as Arby's, but I'm working on it, ha!

AND the biggest update of all...I put my 3 week notice in at work last week. Out of the BLUE my dream job came knocking on my door...and I almost fell out of my chair when it did. I went through a few interviews, and I start the day after Labor Day. Also, God's timing is so good. I'll be able to explain more later; for now I am sitting on pins and needles with excitement to start my new job, but enjoying the last couple weeks with my co-workers. 

And one sweet picture of my fellas because I just love them so and I mean, how cute are they, right?! I can't believe it's just about time for summer to come to a close, but I'm ready to say goodbye to the extreme heat and to embrace fall with open arms. Fall is by far mine and Josh's favorite season because cool weather, and duh, football. Which by the way, Go Gamecocks!

Oh and P.S. I was sad to see the Olympics finish us last night, but we have been hardcore Olympic watching and cheering at our house. USA did such a fantastic job! 

Hoping y'all have a great day!