Hilton Head Vacation: On a Boat

Josh and I honeymooned on Hilton Head Island, and it also happens to be the spot where his dad vacations every year, so we do our best make it down to HHI each summer. This year my birthday fell on a Friday and it happened to be the day before his dad's beach week started. We decided to take our vacation from Thursday - Sunday to celebrate my birthday and overlap with his dad for a few days.

In my search for a place to stay, I checked out AirBnb since it feels like its popularity has taken off recently, and I was interested in what types of places they had available. I landed on the listing of a boat and thought "hey, we've never stayed on a boat before, this could be fun!". Then I read the reviews of the boat, all of which were positive, then posed the idea to Josh to see what his reaction might be. To my surprise, he was completely on board, no pun intended, and thought it'd be somewhere fun and different to stay. We booked the boat and waited anxiously for a few months to pass and our vacation to arrive. 

In the listing for the boat, many people mentioned that it was a lot like camping because of the tight quarters. When we arrived at the marina the day of check in, I could not help but laugh when we saw the boat. It was exactly how it was described in the listing, but Josh's reaction was priceless. He obviously thought the boat was going to be quite a bit larger than it actually was :) 

To say we were cozy for the duration of our trip would be an accurate statement. While the boat was small, it was well appointed and after we moved a few things around and got adjusted, it was easy to navigate around the small quarters and each other. The marina the boat was docked in was the Shelter Cove Marina, which is actually home to the Disney Resort in Hilton Head. Therefore we were greeted by the very friendly Disney staff each day, going through the gate every time they said "Welcome Home!", and we got to use their pool, hot tub, and awesome water slide. A win-win I'd say :) Our rental also came with bikes, which we used each morning to take a bike ride around the marina and to some local spots nearby.

We really did have a great vacation and it was more than wonderful to put a pause on reality for a few days. The weather was hot, so we only lasted at the beach for a few hours each day. Neither Josh or I are ones to sit on the beach from morning until night, so we like to spend a few hours out then head in to cool off. We bought this JBL bluetooth speaker right before the trip and it was awesome to have on the beach to listen to our music. The shape made it the perfect fit in the cup holder on my beach chair so we didn't have to worry about where we'd put it. 

For my birthday we booked a sunset cruise through The Salty Dog and to say it was my favorite part of the trip would be an understatement. We had a gorgeous evening, and while it was hot, the boat had plenty of fans running and once we were out on the water, it cooled down a bit. The Salty Dog just started offering this cruise last August and I think they have a very successful venture on their hands. They have a catamaran with two levels, and a bar and kitchen. We were so lucky to have a fantastic group of people on the boat with us, which made the experience even more enjoyable. Everyone was so nice and friendly! The cruise was scheduled to be an hour and half, but our captain, Bill, kept us out well over an hour and 45 minutes and parked us smack dab in the middle of the ocean as the sun set. We saw over 10 dolphins while we were out, and one even did a huge jump for us! The drinks were delicious, food wonderful and staff exceptional. We thanked them profusely as we got off the boat at the end of the evening, and I can all but guarantee we will make it a point to take this cruise each year. It was a perfect birthday! 
We got to spend time with our family, although not long enough as they were coming and we were going, but we did squeeze in a beach day and dinner together before we headed back home! We love Hilton Head so much and are already talking about our return next year, maybe with Murphy in tow :) 


  1. So fun! I just went to HHI for the first time this past June and loved every second of it!! I had no idea The Salty Dog even offered that. I will definitely have to remember that for when we go again! Love all of your outfits in this post, so stylish and cute! Where are your brown sandals that you are wearing with the black and white striped dress from?? They are ADORABLE!

  2. What a fun trip! And I LOVE your striped dress :)


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