Friday Rambles

Happy Friday, friends! There is something about waking up on a Friday morning, knowing that the weekend is just several hours away that make me very giddy. As I'm sure it does most people :) A few rambles and happenings around Casa de Colvin today, shall we? 

Last Sunday night Josh and I stayed up to watch the Cavaliers take on the Warriors in game 7 of the finals. The madness that ensued in our house when Cleveland won was crazy! Josh took this photo of me in my LeBron shirt, and as I jumped, the camera magically made my feet disappear, hilarious! So very happy to see the Cavs head back to Cleveland with a Championship. I watched some snapshots of the parade on snapchat and was 1000% jealous of those that got to witness it first hand. I just love a good sports story...especially one involving LeBron. 

We are just two weeks away from my 24th birthday and our stay on a boat on Hilton Head Island. I'm so excited to see what boat living is like for a few days. I've heard quite a few people say it's a lot like camping, so that will certainly be an adventure, ha! Also, we booked a sunset cruise with one of our favorite places to eat in HHI, Salty Dog Cafe, for my birthday! The cruise has awesome reviews on TripAdvisor and I've got my finger crossed for great weather and a stunning sunset that evening. 

Speaking of the beach, it's been made clear to me through blog and magazine reading that one piece swimsuits are in this year! I actually just purchased two for myself, as I needed not one new bikini this year because I have too many in my closet as it is. I got a sporty black suit and then a fun, patterned one that I ordered from VS. I love both of them! Which actually comes as a bit of a surprise, because I've always shied away from one pieces, not sure that they could be flattering. It's hard to tell in the photo below, but this is the black suit, so cute! Also, while we're talking about the beach, I took a quick overnight stay to Charleston with my two girlfriends last week and we had a delicious dinner at Poogan's Porch and spent the next day on Folly...being pelted by the sand that the wind was throwing around...but that's neither here nor there. If you ever dine at Poogan's, I can't recommend the pimento cheese fritters enough, and the pork chip is divine!

Tomorrow Josh and I have a massage on the books for late afternoon and I just can't wait. Sitting at a desk everyday is so hard on my back and shoulders, I'm ready to get them worked out. We also may mosey on to the State House downtown and our city's museum, both offer free tours on the weekends and we've always wanted to go, just have yet to make the time for it. We both enjoy history, Josh a bit more than me, and think it would fun a day date. 

Hoping you have a great weekend! 

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