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Looking ahead to our trips coming up in the next few months, we are staying in airbnb's in Hilton Head and Dallas. (Side note, if anyone has experience with airbnb's, let me know how yours was! I'd love to hear.) Josh and I were chatting last night about our trips and I threw out the idea of giving both our host in HHI and in Dallas a little thank you gift and he loved the idea. A little southern hospitality never hurt anybody, right?! 

Thinking of the gift for our Dallas host is easy, we want to do something South Carolina related. There is a quaint shop on Main Street called Uptown that is my go-to for unique and specifically SC related gifts. At the beginning of the year, Josh and I made a basket for some family members that just bought a house in Charleston and I got a few great gifts from Uptown, one of which is this palmetto tree bottle opener. I think it would be perfect for our host in Dallas and is the perfect nod to our great state. I remember when I brought it home to put in that first gift basket, Josh made mention of how nice it was and that the quality was excellent, as are all the items at Uptown. This palmetto trivet and spreader would also make a great gift, going to keep it on my radar. 

As for the gift for our host in Hilton Head, I would love to give her something that's local to Columbia since she already lives in South Carolina, but I haven't quite put my finger on the perfect thing just yet. Although, I am heavily learning towards grits from Adluh Flour. 

I love a good host gift and Josh and I both believe that there are few things in life greater than being able to hand pick a gift for someone, even if you don't know them personally as in this case. The gesture and thoughtfulness is what counts! 

If you have any host gift ideas, I'd love to hear them!

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