Airbnb Host Gift

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Looking ahead to our trips coming up in the next few months, we are staying in airbnb's in Hilton Head and Dallas. (Side note, if anyone has experience with airbnb's, let me know how yours was! I'd love to hear.) Josh and I were chatting last night about our trips and I threw out the idea of giving both our host in HHI and in Dallas a little thank you gift and he loved the idea. A little southern hospitality never hurt anybody, right?! 

Thinking of the gift for our Dallas host is easy, we want to do something South Carolina related. There is a quaint shop on Main Street called Uptown that is my go-to for unique and specifically SC related gifts. At the beginning of the year, Josh and I made a basket for some family members that just bought a house in Charleston and I got a few great gifts from Uptown, one of which is this palmetto tree bottle opener. I think it would be perfect for our host in Dallas and is the perfect nod to our great state. I remember when I brought it home to put in that first gift basket, Josh made mention of how nice it was and that the quality was excellent, as are all the items at Uptown. This palmetto trivet and spreader would also make a great gift, going to keep it on my radar. 

As for the gift for our host in Hilton Head, I would love to give her something that's local to Columbia since she already lives in South Carolina, but I haven't quite put my finger on the perfect thing just yet. Although, I am heavily learning towards grits from Adluh Flour. 

I love a good host gift and Josh and I both believe that there are few things in life greater than being able to hand pick a gift for someone, even if you don't know them personally as in this case. The gesture and thoughtfulness is what counts! 

If you have any host gift ideas, I'd love to hear them!


Friday Rambles

Happy Friday, friends! There is something about waking up on a Friday morning, knowing that the weekend is just several hours away that make me very giddy. As I'm sure it does most people :) A few rambles and happenings around Casa de Colvin today, shall we? 

Last Sunday night Josh and I stayed up to watch the Cavaliers take on the Warriors in game 7 of the finals. The madness that ensued in our house when Cleveland won was crazy! Josh took this photo of me in my LeBron shirt, and as I jumped, the camera magically made my feet disappear, hilarious! So very happy to see the Cavs head back to Cleveland with a Championship. I watched some snapshots of the parade on snapchat and was 1000% jealous of those that got to witness it first hand. I just love a good sports story...especially one involving LeBron. 

We are just two weeks away from my 24th birthday and our stay on a boat on Hilton Head Island. I'm so excited to see what boat living is like for a few days. I've heard quite a few people say it's a lot like camping, so that will certainly be an adventure, ha! Also, we booked a sunset cruise with one of our favorite places to eat in HHI, Salty Dog Cafe, for my birthday! The cruise has awesome reviews on TripAdvisor and I've got my finger crossed for great weather and a stunning sunset that evening. 

Speaking of the beach, it's been made clear to me through blog and magazine reading that one piece swimsuits are in this year! I actually just purchased two for myself, as I needed not one new bikini this year because I have too many in my closet as it is. I got a sporty black suit and then a fun, patterned one that I ordered from VS. I love both of them! Which actually comes as a bit of a surprise, because I've always shied away from one pieces, not sure that they could be flattering. It's hard to tell in the photo below, but this is the black suit, so cute! Also, while we're talking about the beach, I took a quick overnight stay to Charleston with my two girlfriends last week and we had a delicious dinner at Poogan's Porch and spent the next day on Folly...being pelted by the sand that the wind was throwing around...but that's neither here nor there. If you ever dine at Poogan's, I can't recommend the pimento cheese fritters enough, and the pork chip is divine!

Tomorrow Josh and I have a massage on the books for late afternoon and I just can't wait. Sitting at a desk everyday is so hard on my back and shoulders, I'm ready to get them worked out. We also may mosey on to the State House downtown and our city's museum, both offer free tours on the weekends and we've always wanted to go, just have yet to make the time for it. We both enjoy history, Josh a bit more than me, and think it would fun a day date. 

Hoping you have a great weekend! 


Third Anniversary Trip

Josh and I are just a few short months away from celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary! Three years sure have come and gone in a flash. Josh and I love to celebrate - everything! Big things, small things, doesn't matter to us, so of course we always try to do something memory making for our anniversary. 

This year we batted around a few ideas regarding where we wanted to go on our trip and narrowed it down between two places that aren't even remotely similar haha! Our decision was between the Dominican Republic and Dallas...see I told you, complete opposite ends of the vacation spectrum! 

We ultimately decided on...Dallas! 

Neither of us have been and Josh is already figuring out how many sedatives he'll need for the flight ;) I assured him that if he was able to conquer getting out to Vegas, he'd be fine, this flight is shorter, no big deal. I will report back on how well my encouragement holds up, ha! 

You may be wondering how in the world Dallas got in to the mix of our potential trip locations. Well, as you guys well know, we are huge sports fan, and Josh loves the Cowboys. Has loved them since he was little, so why not go to a Cowboys game? I threw out the idea about going to see the Cowboys take on the Giants and I also put together a list of a few other fun things to do in Dallas. That list included The 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (have I ever mentioned Josh's obsession with the Kennedy's? No? Well, he loves them), Dallas Aquarium, Reunion Tower, Top Golf, and when someone at work told me that they walk cattle down the street twice a day, everyday in Fort Worth, that IMMEDIATELY went on the list, obviously ;) 

So, here we are, going to Dallas! The trip will be about a week before our actual anniversary and we are so excited! If you've ever been to Dallas, or the surrounding areas, please chime in with your comments and suggestions as we would love to hear them. I'm also fairly sure we will be taking a drive to Waco one day to visit the Magnolia Market! If you've been before and have any tips, we're all ears. 


Woodland Baby Shower

My friend group is currently busting at the seams with pregnant gals and newborns! My friend Mackenzie and I threw our friend Erica a sweet woodland themed shower for her baby boy, Hudson, that will be arriving in late July. 

 photo 187_zpsrbqddfp3.jpg

This is the second shower Mackenzie and I have thrown in the last several months, and for both showers we have decided to use the theme of the nursery as the theme of the shower. It has worked out perfectly both times, and we've sent the mama-to-be home with most of the shower decorations to re-purpose in the nursery. I think that's a win-win!

 photo 156_zpsvxhvzukn.jpg
 photo 150_zpsz4t5osce.jpg
For this shower, Mackenzie made a banner with Hudson's name and I found the cutest woodland felt banner that we hung on the yogurt bar! I printed out a little fox and deer picture for decor, and we had wood pieces cut to spell out baby. We also put all sorts of animal themed books around the house. Down the center of the food table we put vases filled with sticks and greenery; in between each one we had little stumps with tea lights on them. 

The shower was in the late morning so we had a variety of brunch food. My favorite was probably the yogurt bar that Mackenzie's mom did, such a fun idea! She also creatively named each topic to play along with the theme :)

 photo 161_zpsdzr1hfrc.jpg
 photo 154_zpsfrozmtia.jpg

We also played the game where we spelled out Hudson's name and inside each bag was a baby gift that started with the letter on the bag. Mackenzie originally found this idea for Griffyn's shower, and it went over just as well at Erica's! I think I'll likely incorporate this game in all future baby showers I throw. 

 photo 171_zpsmszah2eb.jpgWe had such a fun morning showering Erica and little man Hudson. She was gifted so many beautiful things, and the theme of the day must have been crocheted gifts because she got some truly beautiful handmade blankets! We had quite a few talented guests in attendance :) We can't wait until Hudson makes his arrival and to be able to love on him!

 photo 146_zpsn7hkql6n.jpg  photo 145_zpsfhdzoont.jpg  photo 168_zpstdlvxhjz.jpg  photo 189_zpssq0ssb1a.jpg


The Greatest Pound Cake: My Granny B's Recipe

 photo 001_zpsjjysd3ww.jpg  photo 003_zpsztorjh6c.jpg

I have been in quite the baking mood as of late, so my mixer has been getting a bit of a workout and I've washed so many baking dishes that I'm considering hiring a maid; solely to wash my dishes. Kidding, of course, although that would be fantastic :) 

Friends, my Granny B. makes the best pound cake that I have ever had. And I love pound cake, so I've tried many. A few Christmases ago, she and I sat down and I finally wrote down the recipe so that I could store it away forever and ever. Well, on a whim this week I decided to try my hand at making one. It turned out perfectly, and I think it taste just like hers does! Store this recipe away when you need to bring a super star dish to your next get together with friends. 

 photo 002_zpsq2hyqiuk.jpg

You'll need: 

3 cups sugar 
2 sticks of butter
6 eggs 
3 cups sifted all purpose flour 
8 oz. sour cream 
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon lemon extract
1/4 teaspoon baking soda

 photo 009_zpshbcfze1w.jpg


Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees
Combine sugar and butter 
Add eggs one by one and beat the mixture after each egg is added 
Add half of the sifted flour and half of the sour cream then mix 
After it is slightly mixed, add the other half of flour and sour cream then mix again 
Add vanilla and lemon extract and baking soda 
Mix everything until it's all combined 
Pour into greased tube pan (My granny recommends greasing with Bakers Joy)
Bake for an hour and a half (My oven took about an hour and thirty five minutes for it to be perfect)
Serve and enjoy!

Let me know if you ever try this recipe and how you like it. I may be biased but if you've ever tasted Granny's pound cake, you'd agree; it is the best!

*A few notes not to be missed. 
- I was writing down this recipe quickly as my Granny was running through it and I made a note that says alternate sour cream and flour. So my interpretation of that was do 1/2 flour and 1/2 sour cream and mix, then do the other 1/2 of both and mix again. 

- I loosened up the edges of the cake around the tube part of the pan and it came right out when I very carefully lifted the cake up, and Josh pulled the pan off the bottom. 

- I have a random note I wrote on the recipe that says "1/2 blend" which I took to mean, blend it all really well. So basically after each ingredient I tried to mix it well, but not to the point where it was overdone. 

- You don't want your cake to fall, so avoid opening the oven until the timer goes off, or just a touch before if you want to check it!