A Red Front Door

We've been wanting to paint our door for awhile now, and initially I thought we may go with some sort of blue/green color. When flipping through my Southern Living magazine one day I found a really unique shade of blue/green that I considered having matched for the front door. However, I just couldn't shake the thought of a bold, bright red door welcoming you into our home, there is just something so charming about the color. Josh loved the idea of a red door, so he went to town and now we have a beautiful red front door.

I will mention that it took probably four coats to get the door covered really well. We used a combination of a brush, a small roller, and small foam brushes to paint. The foam brushes were actually from a super cheap craft set I had in our office closet, they came from Hobby Lobby. They were perfect to use around the edges and the handle (we didn't take the door off the hinges nor the knob off). Josh tapped off the glass first, then all the way around the edges of the door. The paint is Olympic outdoor and the color is teaberry blossom. 

When I was fast and furiously pursuing Pinterest and the internet for the perfect shade of red, I came across a few neat articles on what a red door represents in different parts of the world. 

The Chinese consider a red door a sign of good luck. 

Scottish tradition says that a red front door means your mortgage is paid off. 

In American tradition it is a sign of welcome, signaling to travelers that the home was a safe place to stay. 

Feng Shui also says that red brings opportunities and abundance. 

I am over the moon with how the red turned out, and I have to be honest, I swoon every time I drive up to our humble abode because it just screams all-American to me. Exactly how I picture our home to be.

We had our house pressure washed yesterday and I am in awe of the difference it makes. I mean, I knew the vinyl was dirty and that it would look one hundred times better after it was clean, but I didn't realize just how bright white it would be! Next on the list, probably this weekend or next, we're either a) replacing or b) repainting the shutters. We're doing a bit of pricing right now, and although painting will absolutely be the cheaper option, spending a little more money and just replacing them may be the way we go. We'll see!

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