Baby Shower Sugar Cookies

This past weekend I helped throw a shower for my friend Erica, who is due at the end of July with her first baby. I wanted to share the sugar cookies I made for the shower! 

First off, I can now see why every time I inquire with local bakeries about custom sugar cookies, they send back a quote with a number that I always think is too high. I no longer think their prices are too high. haha! The time and effort that went in to making these sugar cookies, I'd charge an arm and a leg for them too ;) And let's be honest, the professionals cookies look much better than mine!

I purchased the onesie cookie cutter around Christmas and I think I got it from jane.com. Below is the recipe I used for the cookie dough. Once I got the dough done, I floured my counter top and used my rolling pin to roll it all out and cut out the shapes. I used this sugar cookie recipe (not the buttercream icing).

For the icing, I read through several royal icing recipes but couldn't decide on one. Then at the last minute I found this recipe that is more geared towards showing you an easy way to ice the cookies, with a glaze recipe listed as well. I decided to use that glaze recipe, and it turned out well for me. I have to make note that I found that this recipe didn't call for enough water or corn syrup for the amount of flour it says use. I ended up doing the 4 cups of flower and probably 4-5 tablespoons of water and 2- 2 1/2 tablespoons of corn syrup. In all honesty, I truly eyeballed it and just kept adding and mixing until the consistency seemed right. I also added a few drops of blue food coloring.

I poured all of the icing in a large, shallow bowl and dipped each cookie in.  I watched the video in the link above to get an idea of how to ice the cookies, but I didn't use the stick like she shows. I basically just put the cookie face down in the icing, then picked it back up and held it face down while the excess ran off, I then slowly turned it over and the icing evened itself out for the most part. I did use a teeny tiny silicon spatula to even out any part that needed it, and towards the end of my batch of cookies the icing wasn't doing the best job at covering the whole cookie. In that case, when I picked it up and flipped it over, I just stuck the small spatula in the icing and put more on the cookie. Super simple :) 

In a perfect world, I would have had better icing than the little gel tubes from the grocery store to decorate the cookies, but they turned out pretty cute regardless. I put a small decorating tip on the end of the red and white tubes to get an even, narrower stream of icing. 

I have to say, I think that both the cookie and the icing were delicious and almost all of them were eaten. So I'll take that as a good sign :) Shower guests also raved about how cute they were, and while they were by no means professionally done, I do hope that the mama-to-be liked them and it was very sweet of the guests to speak so highly of my first attempt at personalized sugar cookies. 


Five on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! Linking up for 5 on Friday today. 

I hosted this month's supper club yesterday. I did a big salad bar with crescent rolls and a girlfriend brought over lemon bars and an oreo chocolate dish for dessert! I always look forward to supper club each month and catching up with my girls. All my friends are pregnant currently or just had a baby, and the first baby of the bunch joined us last night! It was Murphy's first time being around a little one and I was really curious to see how he'd act. He was very good and I was quite proud of him - but his one bad habit? He kept taking Brayden's stuffed animals! Took it out of his car seat, dug in the diaper bag for one, and I could not stop laughing. If you know Murphy you know that saying he loves stuffed animals in an understatement, and he helped himself to Brayden's as soon as he got he chance, ha!

I'm still swooning over our red front door and freshly pressured washed house. I'm so proud of this place we get to call home. This photo was right before the house was pressure washed actually, if you look at the photo in the post below, you'll see a huge difference!

 I'm throwing a baby shower with my friend Mackenzie for our friend Erica at the end of the month and it's a woodland theme. I've been busy pinning a few ideas and I just loved the way the invitation turned out!

 Mom and I are headed to our annual Memorial Day weekend shopping trip in a few weekends and I've been browsing Banana Republic's Factory online store so I'll be well equipped on what I want to snag when I get in the store. Last year they had 50% off the whole store and I'm hoping for the same sale this year. Mom and I always score big at the outlets during this holiday weekend. I think this top below is so pretty!

product photo

I finally finished staining our deck a few weeks ago and it turned out so well! We decided against extended the deck because, well, just because ha! But we landed on doing a brick paver below the deck as our dining area. I think it will turn out beautifully, we've just got to nail down a time frame in which we want to get it done. Isn't that always the hard part? 



A Red Front Door

We've been wanting to paint our door for awhile now, and initially I thought we may go with some sort of blue/green color. When flipping through my Southern Living magazine one day I found a really unique shade of blue/green that I considered having matched for the front door. However, I just couldn't shake the thought of a bold, bright red door welcoming you into our home, there is just something so charming about the color. Josh loved the idea of a red door, so he went to town and now we have a beautiful red front door.

I will mention that it took probably four coats to get the door covered really well. We used a combination of a brush, a small roller, and small foam brushes to paint. The foam brushes were actually from a super cheap craft set I had in our office closet, they came from Hobby Lobby. They were perfect to use around the edges and the handle (we didn't take the door off the hinges nor the knob off). Josh tapped off the glass first, then all the way around the edges of the door. The paint is Olympic outdoor and the color is teaberry blossom. 

When I was fast and furiously pursuing Pinterest and the internet for the perfect shade of red, I came across a few neat articles on what a red door represents in different parts of the world. 

The Chinese consider a red door a sign of good luck. 

Scottish tradition says that a red front door means your mortgage is paid off. 

In American tradition it is a sign of welcome, signaling to travelers that the home was a safe place to stay. 

Feng Shui also says that red brings opportunities and abundance. 

I am over the moon with how the red turned out, and I have to be honest, I swoon every time I drive up to our humble abode because it just screams all-American to me. Exactly how I picture our home to be.

We had our house pressure washed yesterday and I am in awe of the difference it makes. I mean, I knew the vinyl was dirty and that it would look one hundred times better after it was clean, but I didn't realize just how bright white it would be! Next on the list, probably this weekend or next, we're either a) replacing or b) repainting the shutters. We're doing a bit of pricing right now, and although painting will absolutely be the cheaper option, spending a little more money and just replacing them may be the way we go. We'll see!


Wells Fargo Championship 2016

Yesterday, Josh and I headed north to Charlotte and spent the day at the Quail Hollow Country Club for the Wells Fargo Championship. For the last few years every time this championship rolls around Josh always makes a comment that it'd be fun to go. Charlotte is just a hop and a skip away from us, so a few weeks ago I said "hey let's buy tickets, why not?!". 

We had a beautiful day  with temps around 84, no humidity and a cool breeze. Quail Hollow is a beautiful course and we kept calling the houses lining the course "chateau's" because they were massive and gorgeous. I mean, MASSIVE. 

We followed Rickie Fowler the whole day and unfortunately he didn't play his best golf, but he was fun to watch nevertheless. I don't know the exact number of miles we walked, but I'd guess anywhere around 7-8. For the most part we had pretty good views on each hole, but as always the crowds got pretty big around the greens. I got quite a bit of sun on my shoulders and neck and have pretty rad tan lines to show for it. 

This is actually the first tournament round we've been to, the other times we've been to golf tournaments its been during the practice rounds. It was fun to see the excitement that builds around the final day of a tournament. We also spotted a few people we knew from CBS sports broadcast and the Golf Channel, obviously Josh was pretty excited for those sightings :)

The course was immaculate as we expected and was overall a beautiful course to see. We sure love our golf and would love to come back and visit Quail Hollow.

P.S. Although we spent Mothers Day away from our mom's, we celebrated them beforehand :) The tournament requested that everyone wear pink on Sunday to celebrate their moms.