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It is absolutely no secret that we love sports in the Colvin household...I mean love them. I have turned in to a total sports fan since getting married, and because Josh is such a teacher by nature, he walks me through all the games, explains the calls, gives me background history, etc. Which I think makes it all more exciting to have the fun facts about each sport. 

Last night we stayed up far too late and cheered hard for our UNC Tar Heels. We bleed garnet and black when it comes to football, but hand over the blue jersey come basketball season. I'm sure you know by now, but Villanova won last night on a last second three pointer...and to say we were devastated would be an understatement. After literally losing my breath as Marcus Paige hit the three to tie the game, I was so hoping to go into OT. But, we say goodbye to basketball and March Madness until next year. 

Also, it's MASTERS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got lucky and won the ticket lottery last year and were able to go to the Wednesday practice round and Par 3 Tournament. Luck didn't swing our way this year, but hopefully next! We'll be glued to the TV all weekend and will be watching a documentary on Jack Nicklaus at the '86 Masters tonight. We eat, breath and sleep the Masters all year round, and the actual week of the tournament it's all amplified. I love to see how pumped Josh gets about the Masters!

In other sports news, the Gamecock's spring game is this weekend which we're excited about. I'm really hoping for a good football season come fall. We need it after last year's heart breaker!

Other than sports, we've got a ton of TV we want to watch this week, ha! The new season of Southern Charm started last night, the three night series finale of American Idol (have you guys heard Trent Harmon sing?!? OH MY GOSH. I honest to goodness freak out every time he opens his mouth, heavenly!) and the last People v. OJ episode is tonight. Needless to say, we will be serious couch potatoes each night this week! 

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  1. We went to the Masters last year on Thursday, and it was AMAZING!! I just tried to look at your post from last year, but I couldn't get any of the photos to load :( I'm sorry your Tar Heels didn't win on Monday!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven


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