Our Weekend

I honestly can't remember the last time I've re-capped a weekend, but here we are :) Also, if you're a snapchatter I'd love for you to follow along with me (and leave your username in the comments so I can add you!) on Snapchat. My username is lindsaybcolvin

It was a fairly low-key weekend for us, thanks to The Masters consuming much of our time. However, we did get out Saturday and head to Carolina's Spring Game with our friends Erica and Nathan. It's been unusually cool and very windy this time of year for us, so we battled the wind a little bit. But once we got in the stadium we were shielded enough from it and it warmed up a bit. We even got a touch of sun on our faces and arms. I think all four of us were in agreement that we are hoping for a better football season for our Gamecocks this year, as compared to last.

Afterwards we headed to mom and dad's to watch Saturday's Masters coverage and celebrate dads birthday! We had a delicious dinner and mom and dad basically have a TV that is big enough to be a screen in a movie theater, so Josh enjoyed his view of the Masters quite a bit ;)

Sunday we headed to church then you guessed it, back home for lunch and then to sit on the couch the rest of the day watching golf. During commercials I did manage to get our sheets washed, and took the dishwasher completely apart to clean it. I may or may not have had to call in back up to get it put back together. And I'm not going to discuss how terribly dirty it was...and to think that was washing our dishes. However, after a long, hot cycle with baking soda and vinegar, I think we are good and clean now. 

As I'm sure you can imagine, we are heart broken for Jordan Spieth and the way the back nine at Augusta played out for him yesterday. Truly heart wrenching. When he hit it in the water on 12...twice...Josh went flying out the back door, with his golf club in hand, he couldn't stand to watch the heart break any longer. I won't lie, when I saw him hit in the water the second time, I literally fell onto the floor. The dramatics, I know. Josh and I commit ourselves 110% to the sports we like, players we like, teams we like...and watch what happened to Jordan yesterday, you can't help but be heart broken. Obviously, a huge congratulations to Danny Willett for his win. Between being a new father, his wife's birthday being yesterday and almost not making it to the Augusta National in time to play the tournament, I feel confident in saying he is probably on cloud nine right about now, and rightfully so. 

We were sad to see the Masters wrap up for another year. Now we're anxiously awaiting next year's tournament and hoping, wishing, praying we get tickets!

A few items unrelated to the weekend:

- I recently picked up Maybelline's Age Rewind concealer after reading great reviews for quite a few years now; and I feel like I need to give my two cents. It's good stuff, y'all! I'm somewhat picky about concealers, because, well my under eyes needs some help. This stuff really works. What I was using before this was triple the price and creased under my eyes so badly, I was really disappointed. That concealer was Tarte. (I should mention that I have used this Tarte concealer about a year ago and thought it did a good job at covering my dark circles and I didn't notice it all creasing then. So it may be a possibility that they have changed up the product a bit? I'm not quite sure, but this didn't do at all for me the second time what it did the first.)

- In the same makeup stop as mentioned above, I picked up L'Oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes mascara. Also good stuff. Doesn't clump your lashes, the brush is flexible and easy to use and I can honestly see big difference once I put it on.

I mention these two items above because I scour the internet reading reviews for days and weeks before I typically buy a product, and I like to pass along the things that I like and work well for me!

I hope you've had a great start to your week! 


A Week of Sports

It is absolutely no secret that we love sports in the Colvin household...I mean love them. I have turned in to a total sports fan since getting married, and because Josh is such a teacher by nature, he walks me through all the games, explains the calls, gives me background history, etc. Which I think makes it all more exciting to have the fun facts about each sport. 

Last night we stayed up far too late and cheered hard for our UNC Tar Heels. We bleed garnet and black when it comes to football, but hand over the blue jersey come basketball season. I'm sure you know by now, but Villanova won last night on a last second three pointer...and to say we were devastated would be an understatement. After literally losing my breath as Marcus Paige hit the three to tie the game, I was so hoping to go into OT. But, we say goodbye to basketball and March Madness until next year. 

Also, it's MASTERS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got lucky and won the ticket lottery last year and were able to go to the Wednesday practice round and Par 3 Tournament. Luck didn't swing our way this year, but hopefully next! We'll be glued to the TV all weekend and will be watching a documentary on Jack Nicklaus at the '86 Masters tonight. We eat, breath and sleep the Masters all year round, and the actual week of the tournament it's all amplified. I love to see how pumped Josh gets about the Masters!

In other sports news, the Gamecock's spring game is this weekend which we're excited about. I'm really hoping for a good football season come fall. We need it after last year's heart breaker!

Other than sports, we've got a ton of TV we want to watch this week, ha! The new season of Southern Charm started last night, the three night series finale of American Idol (have you guys heard Trent Harmon sing?!? OH MY GOSH. I honest to goodness freak out every time he opens his mouth, heavenly!) and the last People v. OJ episode is tonight. Needless to say, we will be serious couch potatoes each night this week! 


Spring Cleaning Realities

Just a few posts back, I gave you guys a look in to my spring cleaning list and what I was hoping to tackle. While I've still got plenty of spring left, in my mind I was hoping that I'd have one Saturday to dedicate to cleaning and knock it all out. That hasn't been the case, and therefore things are getting a good scrubbing whenever I've got some free time on my hands. 

Josh works late on Fridays and I get off at 4, so that's my big window to knock out my weekly cleaning. Last week I decide to tackle a few of my "spring cleaning areas". Specifically the Keurig, oven and washing machine.

Our washer and dryer came with the house, which we were so incredibly thankful for, and I bought a washing machine cleaner  that are these tablets that you just throw in and ran a cycle to clean the washing machine when we first moved in. I also wiped it down really well. I can't tell you how old our set is, because I really have no idea, maybe somewhere between at least 5-10 years? They work great but the washing machine was in desperate need of a good cleaning. I'd read a few articles on Pinterest about doing cycles with vinegar, bleach, baking soda, etc. But I really wanted to get the parts good and clean. (I'll also mention that I used one of the cleaning tablets and ran a cycle a day or two before I did my "deep clean" of the machine). So, what's a girl to do? Well, I just took the whole thing apart. I took out all the parts that were feasible to get out and went to town in the kitchen sink scrubbed. The amount of gunk in the parts of our washing machine was astounding. You guys, SO MUCH built up detergent, dog hair, crumbs, just plain nastiness, honestly. I can only imagine how much more efficiently it's running now. For a few minutes when I was putting the parts back in, I was fairly certain we were going to have to buy a new machine....I should have paid a touch more attention when taking the parts out, so to know how to get them back in. But after enough jiggling, shaking, pushing and grunting, everything popped right back in to place and is beautifully washing loads of laundry. 

The next item on my list was the oven. I took the trays out and put them in the bath tub (I know that might sound a bit gross, but there was no way for them to go in the kitchen sink and I would have made a total mess trying to clean them anywhere else, although now that I think about it I could have taken them outside, anyway....) after I put them in the tub I scrubbed them down with a mixture of vinegar, baking soda and dish liquid. I let it sit for about 30 minutes, then scrubbed them down good and rinsed them off. After that I quickly scrubbed the bath tub ;) I used the same mixture to clean the door of the oven and the inside of the oven. After 30 minutes I used a damp rag and wiped it all down. The glass in our oven door has had this terrible streak since we moved in and it has been driving me up the wall ever since. I had cleaned the door numerous times, but could tell it was on the glass in between the part of the door you can get to when you open the oven, and the part that is behind that. So again, what's a girl to do? Take the oven door apart, obviously! I literally took the whole door apart. I started unscrewing every screw I could get my hands on and eventually the handle fell off the oven door! As soon as I got the door apart I could see exactly where I needed to scrub on the glass and got it all cleaned. But, then...I had to put the door back together. Let me tell you, this was quite the job. If I thought we were pretty close to needing a new washing machine because I wasn't sure if I'd get it back together....I just knew we absolutely were going to have to buy a new oven because there was just no way I was going to put all the pieces back together. But sure enough, after frustration and the beginnings of the sob story I was going to give Josh, I magically got it all put back together. It sure is sparkling now!

See the part of the door with the solution on it? I had to get BEHIND that. There are screws in each corner of the oven door, and if you unscrew them the big black part you see in the picture comes apart from the front glass of the door. 

As for the Keurig, I just ran a few vinegar cycles followed by some water cycles and cleaned all the parts really well. I can tell it is working so much better now. I need to make a mental note to clean that bad boy more often then I do. 

I should also note I made a very tiny attempt at cleaning the grout in the kitchen floors...and I feel fairly confident in saying that the grout is going to get cleaned each week by a vacuum and mop running over it...and not much more than that ;) Unless I am feeling extremely ambitious one day. I also took apart our small vacuum and took out the drawers in the fridge and vacuumed inside, as well as vacuumed inside the kitchen cabinets. I can't say for sure or not if that's a totally normal way to clean your cabinets and fridge, but heck if it wasn't efficient and worked like a charm. 

Clearly, the moral of my spring cleaning story is to just take apart all of your appliances, screws and all, scrub everything really good, then find someway, somehow to put it back together :)


April + Life Lately

Mercy alive, I swear one of these days I'll get back in to regular blogging, one day ;) You may or may not have noticed that my page has been "temporarily unavailable" this week. That is thanks to my domain that didn't auto renew and then my DNS not matching up. That's all fixed now, praise! 

So, how is everyone? Good, I hope! I hope you had a great Easter and got to spend time with family and rejoice over our risen Savior! Over here in these parts we had a great Easter visiting our home church, as a side note we are searching for a new church home and haven't been at our current church since Christmas. It was wonderful to be back worshiping with my family and getting to hug many people that we have certainly missed over the last three months. We went to my granny's for Easter lunch and man did she whip up a fantastic meal. Josh even told me to ask her for her deviled eggs recipe.

The Saturday of Easter weekend we headed to Aiken for Steeplechase, the annual horse races we attend with Josh's family. It was a touch cool and we did get some rain showers, but it was a great day and I loved getting to pull out my first seer sucker of the season!

Josh and I have been completely immersed in American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson that is on FX right now. This Tuesday is the last episode of the 10 in the series, and y'all, I am devastated. Ha! I need to first admit that when commercials for this series started months ago Josh said "this is going to be so good, I'm can't wait to watch this." I promptly replied with "good for you, but no chance, no way, no how am I watching that." Jokes on me, folks. I immediately shut my mind off to the series because I just can't do crime series, at all and "American Crime Story" did not sound promising to me. Although the intro music is incredibly creepy in my opinion and my heart drops to my stomach every time it comes on, and I spent the whole first episode with my blanket covering my face with my eyes barely peaking out because I was so nervous as they depicted the night of the murders of Nicole and Ron; I can't get enough of this series. I have gone as far to read just about every article ever written about the case, dating from 1995 until today. I have spent hours pouring over the case, watching old footage, reading transcripts and depositions, reading the 284 question questionnaire the jurors had to fill out, I mean every thing I can get my hands on, I've read. I am so ridiculously sad it's almost over, I actually might shed a tear when the ending credits roll on Tuesday. If you haven't watched this series, you have it. You must. It is captivating and that's coming from someone who knew nothing about this case beforehand AND hates crime centered TV. The acting in this series is incredible, some of the best I've ever seen and the casting, oh my word. It's nothing short of perfection. So, go watch The People v. OJ, I promise it's worth it. Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark and Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran, I have no words!

overhead shot of the marina 
Last night Josh and I booked our first mini trip of the summer, back to Hilton Head we go. You guys know how much we love HHI! And what's even better...we're staying on a boat! Yes, a boat! A little yacht docked in Shelter Cove Marina and to say that I'm excited would be quite the understatement, I can not wait! How often do you get to stay on a boat?! We booked through AirBNB and it was incredibly easy to search for available rentals and to book, from the reviews of the boat and the owners, we should have a fantastic trip.

We've got our eyes on Myrtle Beach, Folly and Edisto as well for a few more small trip potentials over the summer. We're not taking a big trip like we did last year to Vegas, in hopes to be able to do a little kitchen renovation at some point this year.

My skin has been going a bit haywire over the last few weeks and I switched from my Clean & Clear toner back to using witch hazel and things seem to be evening out a bit. I've also started using my Clarisonic at least 3 times a week, and I've started to see a difference in my complexion. Admittedly, I wasn't using my Clarisonic enough, maybe once every two to three weeks, so I've started being better about using it. I've also been religiously using three different masks and think they have also contributed to my skin finally starting to look a bit better.

 What else is new? Let's see. Josh is almost done building a golf net the back yard, I've pulled so many weeds already this Spring that I could never see a weed again in my life and I'd sing praises, we've been hard at work sprucing up the front and back yard, we've spent hours at the park each week putting miles on those paws of Murphy, we've got one more stage (the big one) to go our of deck renovation and I am so antsy for it to be done, work for both Josh and I has been a touch stressful as of late, and I think that about sums up life :)

I'd be remiss not to mention that Monday starts Masters Week and the electricity in our house over it is tangible. We love The Masters, LOVE IT. So next week will be all golf, all day, everyday. I'm sure we'll probably talk about nothing other than golf. I sure wish we were headed to Augusta next week, maybe our luck will strike next year! We're also knee deep in to March Madness and cheering hard for our tar heels, GO UNC!

Coming up this month we've got the Spring game for Carolina next weekend, we've literally been trying to go the Spring game for at least 5 years and it never works out, until this year! It's at noon and we'll be scurring home right after to catch Saturday's Masters coverage. Super club with the girls, dads birthday, and beautiful Spring weather (we hope!) are what's on the calendar for this month.

Hoping April is a great one!