Updating Our Deck

When we bought our house we were especially excited that it already had a deck in the back yard. Josh and I both love spending time outside, and I particularly love a good outdoor living space. It didn't take us long to notice that the previous owners probably didn't do much maintenance on the deck, leaving us with a little bit of a hot mess. We really should have started this project way before now, but here we are! We are in the process of cleaning all the wood so that we can take inventory and see what's still good and what's got to go. I am so hoping that all of the wood can be saved, minus the steps because they have got to go. I mean, legitimately a safety hazard in their current condition. Not to mention the insane amount of rain we got last year left our deck soaked for days on end and didn't give it tons of time to dry out before we got buckets of rain again. 

We are very fortunate in that my father in law is incredibly handy and is going to lend us a hand on this project. We've already picked out and purchased our stain, so now we just really need to get to work. Since we know we absolutely have to replace the steps, I'm also advocating for extending the deck just a bit. I'm really hoping my vision for an extended space to serve as our "outdoor living room" is able to happen! 

I've been reading articles on Pinterest and storing away tips on what is the best way to clean and stain your wood. We're going to get a new dining table that is the match to our chairs, a new umbrella because ours is worn out and I've already purchased a new rug. We went with a more "plastic-y" type this go round 1. because I've bought nice, indoor/outdoor rugs the last 2 Springs and they have been destroyed by mold and mildew by the end of the season and 2. this one was a great price, especially since you do have to replace outdoor rugs so often. I really think this material is going to hold up a lot better than the previous ones. As soft on my feet? Probably not, but I'm ok with that! Also, if we are able to extend the deck like I'm hoping, I'd love to get this chair (or two!) to match the rest of our outdoor furniture to create more seating. 

I am truly jumping out of my skin to get this little update off the ground. The weather forecast for this weekend looks spectacular and that is making my itch to have our deck beautified even stronger! Although we're buying a few new pieces for the deck, our style is pretty well defined in that space and we've got great accesories out there that we'll continue to use this year, but I love to peek at outdoor spaces and here are a few from my Pinterest board that I love! 

Transform your patio or deck into a fresh and comfortable outdoor living room with these outdoor decorating ideas from @Stephanie Fisher.:

total yard makeover on a microscopic budget, concrete masonry, flowers, gardening, landscape, outdoor living, thesouthernstateofmind blogspot com Pinterest:

Porch Design and Decorating Ideas : Outdoors : Home & Garden Television. Outdoor living space 2. Love the vintage trunk.:

The outdoor curtains you see are a simple DIY by blogger Jen Stagg. We love how they add a bit of privacy and a lot of elegance to this backyard deck. The lights strung on the pergola complete the picture. Click through to learn more about Jen’s deck makeover.:

Here's a post on our deck from almost two years ago! It's pretttttty obvious the shape our deck is in when you look at this post. Yikes. I'm glad we are remedying that soon ;) A few things have changed since this post, like the rug, more pillows added to the seating, a new side table and a few new decorations. 

I'll be sure to show off our finished product in just a few weeks (fingers crossed)!

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  1. So jealous of your deck!! We just have a nice size slab of concrete out our back door lol. Which is better than nothing, but still, I would LOVE to have a deck!! We can't decide if we want to build a deck over the concrete, or just pressure wash the concrete and add some patio furniture. Still working on that one lol. I am definitely loving all the pictures you shared in this post. So many cute idea, I just want them all ;)

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