Spring Cleaning

I've got spring cleaning on the brain as the weather is getting warmer and every time I crack open the windows I am reminded of the fact that I need to clean them...so terribly bad ;)

I clean all throughout the week and do a big clean each week at our house. So all in all, we're a pretty clean household because I keep up with it regularly. But as always, there are a few spaces that could really use some deep cleaning. Like the grout in both our bathrooms and the kitchen...I'm not going to tell you how much I am dreading getting on my hands and knees hovering over grout for a few hours. I've been scouring Pinterest lately to remind myself of some of the places that need to be cleaned that I may forget about, and to find a few new concoctions for deep cleaning things like the oven door, the bathtub, the shower head, etc. 

Each week I vacuum all of our hardwoods, tile  and rugs, and then mop the hard surfaces. I wipe down the kitchen counters after dinner each night with Mrs.Meyers and then on my cleaning day I wipe down all the counters with Lysol. I clean the stove and microwave really good once a week and wipe down the sink and faucet. I also dust the whole house each week.

As for the bathroom, I clean the mirrors and toilets, wipe down the counter tops and sinks and scrub the tubs each week. We fight mold and mildew pretty hard in our master bath, there's just not enough air flow to combat it, so I am usually doing a pretty big scrub on the tub each week. 

I really need to pull all the beds out from the walls and clean all the dust that's behind them...I am actually embarrassed at how much dust is behind our bed and the bed in the guest room. Speaking of dust, I picked up a good tip for cleaning ceiling fans, and that's by using an old pillow case. You can easily fold it inside out to hold all the dust in, rather than dumping it accidentally all over the floor as you go. I'm not speaking from experience or anything...

A few of the items on my cleaning list for this Spring: 

washing machine
grout (le sigh)
all of our pillows 
ceiling fans
kitchen cabinets (clean the actual cabinets and clean OUT the cabinets)

One of my holy grail cleaning products is a magic eraser. I swear by them and use them on just about everything. I can often be found on my cleaning day each week walking around the house scrubbing the walls and baseboards with a magic eraser. Side note, I used it to clean our column outside on our stoop and OH MY GOODNESS the difference it made. Does anyone else feel silly after they clean something random, like a column, and it looks so good, you wonder why you waited so long to actually clean it? In addition to my magic eraser, I've found some great "recipes" on Pinterest that I'm planning to use for this upcoming clean. Most include some variation of vinegar and baking soda.
We have a porcelain sink and I've heard that using a product called Bar Keepers Friend will work tremendously on making it sparkly and wonderfully white again. 

While I'm at all this cleaning, I'm hoping to find enough motivation to clean out some areas of the house, like my growing amount of clothes that I don't wear, and do some more organizing of important paperwork in our office.

What's on your list that I'm missing on mine? There is nothing like the feeling of crashing on the couch after a long day of Spring cleaning and looking around at your beautifully clean house. 

Here's my Spring Cleaning Pinterest board that gave me a little inspiration, maybe it will give you some too!


  1. I try to do a big clean once a week, but it's honestly (especially laundry) something I dread! I'm going to have to take some lessons from your blog!! :)

    -India | IndiaHillWrites.com

  2. I did some deep cleaning this past weekend, but didn't get to everything I wanted to do. I'm hoping to finish up soon, especially since the weather has been so nice here! I need to check out your spring cleaning board to get some tips, thanks for sharing!!

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