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Man, have I slacked on blogging or what this month. Sometimes life happens and sometimes you write a this and that post at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month you're writing another one. Nothing wrong with that, I say. 

January has gone by in a flash, but we've done a lot this month, so that makes me happy. This is my first month with my power sheets and I have to say, they really did give me the push I needed to get things done and to love well on the people in my life. I will say that I was a bit hesitant at first about just how much power sheets were going to effect my life, give me motivation, etc. etc. BUT I honestly and truly have been pleasantly surprised. I found that as long as I committed to opening the workbook at least once and week and reflecting on what I had written, my goals and tending list, I was truly getting things done. I was able to love on my friends and family SO WELL this month, SO WELL. I have to type that in all caps because it makes me that excited. When I looked at my power sheets and the people I was focusing on this month and HOW I was loving and encouraging them, it really spurred me on to go the extra mile. I sent lots of snail mail and hope that my friends we're encouraged. So, since I had such a great month in January with my power sheets, I'm really hoping to go full steam ahead in February. I'm hoping I'll have some quiet time this weekend to work on my February tending list! 

Josh and I have been loving our Qalo rings that we put in each other stockings for Christmas. They are awesome in the gym, when we play golf or basketball, and when we take Murphy out for long walks through the trails near our house. We recently bought a cheap outdoor basketball to use at the park at the end of our street that has a basketball court, maybe this practice will help me improve my skills.

I'm pretty positive I've mentioned it on the blog before, but if you didn't know I am a huge LeBron James fan, which has turned my husband into a big fan of his as well. The Cavaliers are playing the Charlotte Hornets next week and Josh and I have tickets and early escapes from work so we can head north and see King James. I'm so excited and we both have LeBron shirts coming in the mail this week that I can't wait for!

And a not so fun thing going on....I have to get braces, again. I know, I know, I'm as upset about this as you are ;) So here's the deal, I was religious about following all, and I do mean ALL, the requirements when I wore braces from middle into early high school. I didn't eat any of the things I wasn't supposed to, I wore those awful no good terrible rubber bands exactly like I was told, and that resulted in a beautiful smile, and wonderfully straight teeth when I got my braces off after two and half years of wear. Then I wore my retainer religiously throughout high school, into college and after I graduated; I only stopped a little over two years ago after we got married. Bad idea friends, bad stinking idea. I noticed a few months ago that one of my bottom teeth had shifted...a lot. I freaked out. As in obsessed over this tooth after I realized the shift. Quite honestly, I was heart broken. I finally got around to making an orthodontist appointment in November and got the no good terrible very bad news of, yep your tooth has indeed shifted, no we can't give you a new retainer to fix it, you need braces again. Cue my dramatics. BRACES AGAIN?!?! Worst thing. But this time around I've only got to wear them for about three months, and I decided to do Invisalign, for the obvious reason of you can't see them very well and I only need braces on the bottom, however one or two of my top teeth have moved ever so slightly, and with Invisalign you automatically do a top and bottom pair, so I see it as knocking out two birds with one stone. My first appointment is next month to get the ball rolling. You can bet your bottom dollar that after these come off and I get another retainer, I will never stop wearing it at night until I'm in the grave. Pinky promise. 

A few things I'm loving: 

This mask. I try to use it once a week and can tell a difference when I get up the next morning. My skin is clearer, brighter and my blemishes/scars have diminished.

I'm anxious to pick up this mask and put in my weekly rotation, I've read great reviews.

We will be re-doing our deck in about a month and I've been busy pinning ideas on my outdoor board.

This is my very favorite tea in the world. Delicious hot or cold. I add in lemonade in the summer time and make a big jug to keep on hand.

I was gifted this Lilly Pulitzer planner for Christmas from a dear friend, and it's the first planner I've used since college! I used my planner day in and day out during school, but as soon as I graduated I quit. Well, actually my first year out of school I did keep a tiny planner in my purse for a few months. However, after using a planner again for just one month, I have gotten so much more accomplished on my daily to-do list, and have planned more fun activities with my friends and with Josh. Because I look at my planner everyday to see where we've got open space, I've been filling my time more intentionally, whether that be an event, coffee with a friend I haven't seen in a while, or time for rest for me and Josh.

Happy Friday eve, we're inching closer to the weekend! 

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  1. I definitely want to try those masks out!! I'll be making a trip to Walgreens when I get off lol thanks for sharing! With the move and all going on around Christmas I never got around to ordering the power sheets, I am hoping to get them next year and work through them, love reading your reviews and everyone else's.

    Can't wait to see what y'all do with your deck! Our house doesn't have a desk but just a big ole slap of concrete so I'm hoping we'll either build a deck or something lol.

    I used to be crazy over Emily Ley's planners but not so crazy over the price tag on them so this year I decided to try out Whitney English's Day Designer since they are sold at Target now for around $15 and I love it! Maybe even more than my previous ones since it's smaller and can fit in my purse. I leave it out on my desk so I can jot down things that come up and so that it will keep me on track during the day. My sister swears by the Lilly Pulitzer planners!


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