A Few Things

Hi friends! Let me first start off by announcing that I have yet to win the lottery, but not for lack of trying. So, I suppose I can't start shopping around for my private island, but maybe one day soon. 

A few things I'm loving lately: 

I asked for this scent for Christmas and I'm so in love. Smells SO good and the mercury glass jar is came in is the icing on top. I may or may not have also bought myself another one in December after I asked for one for Christmas, because they were on sale for $19! 

Last weekend, Josh had to work for half of the day and I had no plans, so I took everything out of every closet, cabinet and drawer in our house, purged them and then put the things we were keeping back in an organized manner. I just can't tell you how good it felt to really clean things out and organize what was left. We gave away three massive bags to Goodwill, had two huge bags of trash, one massive bag and one massive tub full of clothes for Plato's closet. You won't believe it, because I barely can, but our office/man cave is FUNCTIONING. Functioning. I'm elated. I may or may not have been sitting at my desk in the office last night just looking around...for an hour...Josh came to check on me several times just to see what I was doing, haha! I have to say, I was really convicted this past weekend about our home and our space. Our home isn't huge, but it is certainly enough (and more than enough!) room for us and we do have good storage space. We weren't being great stewards of our space and that was heavy on my heart. Once I got to working on cleaning things out, it was so apparent how much space we do have, and how we can utilize it best.

This week I used some of my Christmas money and ordered myself this Sigma brush cleaner. My foundation and powder brush are both Sigma and I love them. I also like to keep my brushes clean, but can't say that I enjoy the act of cleaning them. I think this cleaning mat will help with that and will encourage me to clean them more often because of the ease.

One of my best friends had her first baby last week. Handsome Brayden entered the world on January 4th weighing over 8 lbs. He is perfect with his delicate, tiny features and I am over the moon for my friends Griffyn and Brandon. I'm taking them dinner next week and will be using this shrimp fried rice recipe, Josh's FAVORITE, so I think it will go over well at their house too.

I made these snickerdoodle bars for marriage study on Tuesday and they were delicious! Not to mention, very easy to whip together. They will certainly be going on rotation in our house, Josh loves snickerdoodle! Speaking of marriage study, we have been so blessed by this and have made great friends since we started back in September. I'm so thankful that the Lord brought us into this study!

I've been wearing my crock pot out this week and I have to say, I do love coming home to a meal that is basically finished! This week we've had buffalo chicken sandwiches and beef stew, and I've got a recipe for chicken noodle soup from this month's Southern Living lined up for the end of the week. It's on the cover of this month's magazine and as soon as Josh saw it laying on the counter he asked me if I could make it.

And last but not least, this weekend will be spent celebrating my sweet husband. His 31st birthday is on Sunday, and we've got a fun dinner planned for Saturday night, tickets to Carolina's basketball game tomorrow and Sunday we'll be headed to Aiken to celebrate with his family!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. I hear "Joshs" are the best hubbys (: I've got one around too!
    i'm a candle junkie so I've got to go head over there and try that scent out. Sounds amazing. But isn't everything at anthro?
    I need to get my crockpot out more. I need to find some good go to recipies! I'll have to try those out (:


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