Thanksgiving + It's December!

Happy December 1, y'all! Today is going to be a little bit of a mash up of a variety of things, so here we go :)

We had a great Thanksgiving last week. This year we visited with Josh's side of the family on Thanksgiving day and it was more than wonderful getting to catch up and spend time with everyone. We ate so.much.good.food. So much. I need to see the gym desperately ;) We spent some time with my family on Wednesday night and we recently purchased Catch Phrase, and ever since it makes an appearance every time we are with friends or family. We clearly love playing Catch Phrase!

On Friday mom and I headed out for some Black Friday shopping. We started our day at 9 a.m...which is exactly how I like it. None of that crazy early mess for us. Although we have had our fair share of early Black Friday morning shopping in the past. I successfully checked off quite a few gifts on my list, as did mom, and the crowds weren't all that bad...until we went to the mall. We were in and out of there fairly quickly, ha! We adopted a family at work through Families Helping Families and I signed up to purchase gifts for the mom of the family. Mom and I were able to get everything she had on her list, which I was tickled over, and I think we found some really great things that I hope she can use for years to come. We were able to pack two huge boxes worth of stuff, one with a comforter, pots and pans, and towels and another box of more personal things; several outfits, accessories, lotions and body wash, and a great pair of shoes. I prayed over the box as I was wrapping it, hoping that the Lord blesses this family of 5, mom and four kids, this holiday season and that His love would be shown to them through our gifts.

Friday evening we got our Christmas tree and Josh and I went to town decorating that evening. There is just something about the twinkle of a Christmas tree that really gets me during the holiday season. We are fully decorated at our house and I love coming home to the outside of the house lit up and seeing the twinkle of the lights from inside the house shining through the windows. I have LOVED getting up each morning and turning the lights on to the tree and ending the day sitting by it's twinkle. Josh and I decorate our tree with lots of meaningful ornaments, gifted from friends and family, commemorating vacations we've been on, spiritual ones that carry so much meaning, and plenty celebrating our marriage.

Saturday we stayed home all day, PRAISE! We bagged leaves in the backyard before and after the Carolina game. My one note about the rivalry game against Clemson, for a little bit during the game I really thought we might pull it off, but lets face it, this season has been a wash for us BUT the good news? There's always next year. I'm really hoping we get a great head coach...hey Georgia, thanks for letting Richt go...NOT. Lessening our chances at Kirby Smart...can you tell we talk a lot about football in our house?! Ha! Anyway...Clemson, I hope North Carolina beats the tar (no pun intended ;) out of you this weekend and if not then...I'll have my Alabama shirt on come playoff time. Also to note, can you tell we don't like Clemson very much? ;) I have both a Tar Heel and Bama shirt sitting on go for these games. Saturday evening a dear friend came over and we ordered dinner from a local Mexican place and indugled in queso and guac...a perfect Saturday night if you ask me! I also worked on Christmas cards on Saturday and did some more again last night, we're close to having them all mailed out and then I'll debut them here on the blog!

Sunday we went to church and then came home and cleaned gutters...homeownership is so fun. Took Murph for a walk then headed back to church for Youth that night. We started God's Not Dead (so late to the game, I know) and so far it's awesome! We'll finish it next week and I'm pumped to see how it ends. Josh actually finished it when we got home from Youth on Sunday night and he was all pumped up after it.

Headed back to work after a long holiday weekend is so hard, but I started John Piper's Advent book this morning that mom gave Josh and I last Christmas, and I had an extremely peaceful and reflective time with the Lord this morning. I feel so full of joy today, and for this holiday season ahead, and I'm so excited to focus on my King, and bringing glory to His name this holiday season, and the days and months after.

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving with your family and pray that the Lord would focus your heart and mind towards Him this holiday season. I am so grateful and thankful for each of you that come to this space to read my words and see my heart.  


  1. Those cards are BEAUTIFUL!! And I love the tree, too. I really want to get that Advent book!

  2. I LOVE your tree!! I am always jealous of people who can keep the presents under their tree. My cats always unwrap them if I put them out. :/ haha.


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