Josh's Christmas List

On just about every blog I read, Gift Guides are popping up left and right. I threw around the idea of making one of my own, then figured there are probably enough floating in blog land right now. However, I thought it'd be fun to share Josh's Christmas list with you guys. I hear a lot of women say they never know what to get their husbands, that is not true in my case. Josh makes a detailed list every year, he always wants something, haha! Which I actually love, because he makes it easy on everyone. He also drops hints all throughout the year indicating things he'd like. Maybe by sharing his list, it will spark an idea for the guy in your life!

Here's a few things on his 2015 list:

Qalo Silicone Wedding Band
Bose Speakers 
Necessary on his list every year: dress socks and athletic socks

 I actually don't have his list in front of me right now, so this is just a portion of what he wants, that I can remember off the top of my head. Also to note, every year he puts an outrageous amount of money on his list, like a million dollars. I can't say I blame him though, gotta ask for what you really want ;)

We are giving each other the Qalo rings in our stockings. These will be perfect for the gym and when were outside doing yard work, walking at the park, or on hikes. Also in our stockings we are giving each other a couples massage gift card. Praise!

I certainly enjoy shopping for my man, and love to watch him open up his gifts on Christmas morning! What's your guy got on his list this year? 

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