Christmas Around Our Home

It's 75 degrees outside today, like it has been for the last week, so although Christmas is right around the corner, the weather certainly doesn't feel like it! It's been a pretty mild December and I've been admittedly a little bummed that I haven't been able to run our fireplace in tandem with having the Christmas tree lit. But I think this weekend it's supposed to cool down a little bit, so maybe I'll get my chance ;) 

I truly adore decorating for Christmas and will be sad to see it all come down in a few weeks. It makes the house so cozy and festive, I love all the twinkling lights at night. We even decorated more on the outside of the house this year, and I hope everyone that has driven down our street has gotten a little Christmas joy from all of ours lights!

We get a live tree from the local Farmers Market down the street each year and this year we decorated the day after Thanksgiving. I like to stretch out my Christmas decor being up as long as possible to enjoy it!

 photo 002_zps3p5bt1hu.jpg  photo 022_zps7xaz5gyn.jpg  photo 016_zps5hnsi2yg.jpg  photo 010_zpsjjk8die8.jpg  photo 015_zpsteylqgjh.jpg  photo 029_zpsm5ipsegh.jpg  photo 024_zpshabnxjgf.jpg  photo 031_zpsxbvvajvs.jpg

And a snap of the outside of our house. Next year we may try and be brave and do the big peak with icicle lights, but not this year :) The little peak over our bedroom window we did one night after work, and Josh was literally standing on the extension ladder...in the dark. Not our best moment, haha! And our crape myrtle tree I did one night by myself before Josh got home...also in the dark...standing on a dining room chair and climbing in to the tree...probably another moment that wasn't my best, but the tree looks good ;)

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  1. Aww your home looks fantastic!! I love all the little decorations. I really want to get more small things for around our apartment :)


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