Hosting Friendsgiving

We did it you guys! Josh and I successfully hosted friendsgiving this past weekend. We had such a great time with our friends, and praise the Lord, the turkey turned out wonderfully! 

Today I just want to share a few of my thoughts and tips on our friendsgiving and what we did to prepare, etc. 

For starters, I deep cleaned our house on Thursday, so that Friday I could concentrate on getting the table set and making sure I had everything to prepare food for the next day. This really worked out well and on Friday I just tidied up a bit but didn't have to get crazy with my cleaning because it was already done! We turned our living room into the dining room for the evening. I set the entire table on Friday night. I was able to really take my time while setting the table since I wasn't in a huge rush to get anything else done on Friday. Josh and I even went out to eat for date night that evening :) I also made sure to have my linens, napkins, glasses, plates, etc. purchased (or taken down from the cabinets) a few days before I set the table. 

I ran a full dishwasher load on Friday evening and unloaded it first thing on Saturday morning. This allowed my dishwasher to be completely free to catch the dishes we were going to use that evening. Probably one of the best tips I read while prepping! Also during the day on Saturday, anything that I used, cutting boards, pans, etc. I washed and put away right after I was done using it. This gave me tons of open counter space to work throughout the day and left my counters nice and clean when my guests arrived. I only ended up with a ladle, spatula and my small cutting board in the sink when our guests arrived, and that's all! I'd also suggest taking out the trash before you start the bulk of your cooking.

Cooking my first turkey was really not as intimidating as I thought it was going to be. Was I a bit freaked out taking out the giblet bag and neck? You bet I was. But after that, it was pretty smooth sailing . Although, the turkey was 11 lbs and I had it in the fridge for over 2 1/2 days to thaw, it still had ice inside the cavity when I put it out on Saturday. It wasn't a ton and I just chiseled my way through. I told Josh I felt like a pioneer woman with all this turkey wrangling and ice chiseling haha! I used this recipe and instructions to cook the bird and it turned out beautifully. My total cooking time was only around 2 hours, a few minutes over maybe. Josh had the honor of carving our first turkey. I just left the oven on once the turkey came out and put the dressing in after the turkey had sat for about 30 minutes and Josh started to carve. 

I made the Pioneer Woman's Thanksgiving dressing and thought it turned out well. Something I'd do different the next time I make it is to not use as much bread as the recipe calls for. I ended up with two dishes of bread, but only enough broth to cover one dish. I think I'll half the amount of each loaf of bread I use the next time I make it. Other than that, the dressing was delicious. 

We used our actual dining room table to put all the food on, and on our bar I put out a little tray with cheese, pepperonis and crackers for people to munch on before and after dinner.

I mentioned before that we had napkin ribbons with questions of thankfulness on them, and we had so much fun going around the table as each person answered the question on their ribbon. For name cards I picked up little gift tags from WalMart and wrote each persons name on it and tied it to their napkin ribbon. I also put a little note on the back of each persons place card letting them know how thankful Josh and I were for them.

After dinner, we loaded up the dishwasher, broke out the dessert plates and played a few rounds of Catch Phrase. We are really coming to love that game! I'm so thankful for our community of friends and am glad we carved out time from each of other busy schedules to celebrate with each other!

I took pictures on my "big" camera and had all intentions of getting them on my computer and edited before I published this post, but it has been one crazy week and that just didn't happen. BUT, I'll edit this post with those pictures just as soon as I get the time!


  1. Cheers to a fun friendsgiving and glad the turkey wasn't too intimidating.

  2. Loved seeing your snaps of preparing for this!! I love how the table turned out, everything looks so nice! I let my brother-in-law do the turkey this Friendsgiving, but I might try my hand at it next year...maybe ;)

    I did the SAME thing with our dishwasher the night before and day of our Friendsgiving. Hands down the best thing to do! My sister came a little earlier than everyone else and I put her on dish washing duty while I finished all the cooking lol. Glad everything turned out great and y'all had a good time! :)


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