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Hello, friends! Can you believe we're well into the second week on November? My head has been spinning a bit lately as I look at our calendar each day and realize just how much we have going on this month. Busy, busy, busy. As I mentioned in my last post, I am bound and determined to host Friendsgiving this year. I realized that the last weekend we had open was this one, so I knew I had to act fast. Thankfully my girlfriends were available and we're going to make it happen! Do I have tons of time to plan? Nope. I have I ever cooked a turkey before? Nope. Have I ever cooked ANYTHING for 6 people before? Nope. Is our dining room big enough to hold 6 people? Nope.

I know that sounds like quite a lot "nopes", but all of those things are true. However, I'm not letting that hold me down. Our living room will be transformed into the dining room for the evening, and I'll be sitting around a table with friends I cherish. For me, that is a perfect friendsgiving.

Yesterday I picked up the rest of the plates and chargers I needed. Last night I spent the evening wrapping our napkins in these beautiful napkin ribbons a co-worker gave me. Each ribbon has a question about thankfulness on it, and during dinner we'll go around the table and each answer the question off of our ribbon. I absolutely love this idea and am thankful to my co-worker who gifted me this very thoughtful present. Today I'm going hunting for a table cloth, runner, bed risers (I'll explain :) and a turkey pan. I suppose I should also go ahead and buy my turkey since everything I'm reading says I should have been thawing it out...since yesterday...here goes nothing with this turkey friends!

So, about the bed risers. We have a pub height table in our kitchen, therefore our chairs are a little taller. The table we're going to set up in the living room to act as the dining room table is not pub height, insert bed risers. I'm hoping this ingenious idea is the perfect solution so that we can use our dining room chairs...and not have to haul all of my parents chairs from their house!

I'll be making turkey, bread, dressing and possibly a pie, while my friends will be bringing sides and another dessert. The only thing I'm still not set on is our tablescape. I'm hoping once I'm in the store I'll gather some inspiration and will come up with something beautiful. I love the photo above and may try to recreate it.

Victoria at Victoria Strader has a fantastic series that started this week called A Young Wife's Guide to Thanksgiving. I've loved reading her tips, tricks, and advice so far this week and will definitely be implementing a few in my kitchen as we prepare for Saturday.

As much as I labor over ,and quite frankly freak out, about having everything just so when I host anyone over for dinner, I hope and pray that starting this tradition of friendsgiving will carry through the years and that on Saturday we are able to enjoy good food and even better company. While I know myself, and know I will go to great lengths to make sure everything is as perfect as possible, I don't want that to get in the way of the joy of opening my home to others.

Have you ever hosted Friendsgiving? Any last minute advice you can give this newbie? I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season thus far and pray that in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving you have many things and people to give thanks for!

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