Up, Up & Away: Griffyn's Baby Shower

Mackenzie and I threw one of our best friends, Griffyn, an airplane themed baby shower a few weeks ago, and it could not have turned out any cuter! We had a wonderful turn out for the shower and Griffyn and baby Brayden got some really awesome things. 

Griffyn and her husband are expecting a baby boy in January and they are decorating his room in airplanes. I threw out the idea to Mackenzie to do an airplane themed shower, so that Griffyn could potentially use some of the decorations as decor in Brayden's room. Everything turned out so cute and I was pleased with all of the little touches! I also loved packing up and sending home the decor with Griffyn, I think a few of the pieces will look great in Brayden's room. 

For the invitations we did an airline ticket of sorts, and we had so many people tell us how much they loved them!  We also asked that each guest bring a book signed with their best wishes, rather than a card, to stock Brayden's library. That little man is going to have some fantastic books for mom and dad to read to him before bed. (The card looks a little sparse because I took out some information that doesn't need to be all over the internet ;)

We kept decorations a bit minimal. Josh found these awesome airplane prints at our church garage sale and picked them up and said "couldn't you use these for Griffyn's airplane shower?" I'm impressed with his level of listening to my constant chatter about the theme of the shower :) They worked perfect on the buffet! Mackenzie made two banners, one that said "Up, up & away" and one that had Brayden's name on it. I picked up a "b" stamp at Hobby Lobby and stamped the napkins, loved the way they turned out! I did this same thing for Mackenzie's bridal shower I threw back in March. I used the stamp she used for her invitation envelopes to stamp napkins. Such a great way to add a personalized touch, without breaking the bank on custom napkins that will be thrown away. We had guests fill out "wishes for baby" which I just think is the sweetest. 

Since it was a brunch we went light on the food, knowing a lot of people would be going to get lunch afterwards. Our spread including a fruit tray with Mackenzie's cheesecake fruit dip, pigs in a blanket or "baby in a blanket" as we called them, apple cinnamon muffins, asparagus and bacon quiche (which were SO good!), and petite fours adorned with little "B"s and baby rattles. We also had a coffee bar set up and "jet fuel" which was Hawaiian punch, 7 up and pineapple juice (also delicious!) It really was the perfect amount of food, I hate when I over make and have tons of leftovers. 

Griffyn (& Brayden) got inundated with gifts! She received a beautiful vintage airplane mobile to go above his crib, tons of really helpful bath time items, pack n play, play mats, bibs, blankets, you name it, she got it! A fun game we played was one that Mackenzie found on Pinterest. You spell out the baby's name on gift bags and put a gift inside the bag that starts with the letter. Before mama-to-be opens the gift, the guests get to guess what is inside. Everyone had a fit over this game, and I am so pleased with how well it went over. Here's the list of what we gave (we got everything off of her registry except for two items): 

B- bib
R- rattle
A- ABC book (Dr. Seuss)  
Y- Yearly Scrapbook 
D- diapers
E- elephant toy 
N- nail clippers

I liked that we were able to incorporate practical gifts, along with a few fun ones too! Griffyn loved everything she got and I know one thing for sure, baby Brayden is going to be one loved little boy. He already is!

I was so thankful and grateful for all those that came to shower Griffyn and Brayden with love, and I am so immensely thankful and blessed by my relationship with Griffyn. She is going to make a fantastic mom and I can't wait to watch her grow in her role as mother, knowing that she will always lean on the Lord for support and raise a wonderful, Godly man. 

And a huge thank you to Mackenzie for letting us host at her house. We live right around the corner from each other, so it was so easy to coordinate and get everything from my house to hers!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween this weekend!


  1. What a cute shower! A coworker of mine is also having a little boy, due in two weeks with a plane themed nursery. I love the gift game. We played bingo with items off the registry as she opened all of the gifts. It made you pay attention the whole time.
    -Jess at Just Jess

  2. Such a cute baby shower theme!!!! Everything looks so well planned and thought out.

    Love that top that you wore, too! Beautiful color!

  3. Such a cute baby shower theme!!!! Everything looks so well planned and thought out.

    Love that top that you wore, too! Beautiful color!


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