Up, Up & Away: Griffyn's Baby Shower

Mackenzie and I threw one of our best friends, Griffyn, an airplane themed baby shower a few weeks ago, and it could not have turned out any cuter! We had a wonderful turn out for the shower and Griffyn and baby Brayden got some really awesome things. 

Griffyn and her husband are expecting a baby boy in January and they are decorating his room in airplanes. I threw out the idea to Mackenzie to do an airplane themed shower, so that Griffyn could potentially use some of the decorations as decor in Brayden's room. Everything turned out so cute and I was pleased with all of the little touches! I also loved packing up and sending home the decor with Griffyn, I think a few of the pieces will look great in Brayden's room. 

For the invitations we did an airline ticket of sorts, and we had so many people tell us how much they loved them!  We also asked that each guest bring a book signed with their best wishes, rather than a card, to stock Brayden's library. That little man is going to have some fantastic books for mom and dad to read to him before bed. (The card looks a little sparse because I took out some information that doesn't need to be all over the internet ;)

We kept decorations a bit minimal. Josh found these awesome airplane prints at our church garage sale and picked them up and said "couldn't you use these for Griffyn's airplane shower?" I'm impressed with his level of listening to my constant chatter about the theme of the shower :) They worked perfect on the buffet! Mackenzie made two banners, one that said "Up, up & away" and one that had Brayden's name on it. I picked up a "b" stamp at Hobby Lobby and stamped the napkins, loved the way they turned out! I did this same thing for Mackenzie's bridal shower I threw back in March. I used the stamp she used for her invitation envelopes to stamp napkins. Such a great way to add a personalized touch, without breaking the bank on custom napkins that will be thrown away. We had guests fill out "wishes for baby" which I just think is the sweetest. 

Since it was a brunch we went light on the food, knowing a lot of people would be going to get lunch afterwards. Our spread including a fruit tray with Mackenzie's cheesecake fruit dip, pigs in a blanket or "baby in a blanket" as we called them, apple cinnamon muffins, asparagus and bacon quiche (which were SO good!), and petite fours adorned with little "B"s and baby rattles. We also had a coffee bar set up and "jet fuel" which was Hawaiian punch, 7 up and pineapple juice (also delicious!) It really was the perfect amount of food, I hate when I over make and have tons of leftovers. 

Griffyn (& Brayden) got inundated with gifts! She received a beautiful vintage airplane mobile to go above his crib, tons of really helpful bath time items, pack n play, play mats, bibs, blankets, you name it, she got it! A fun game we played was one that Mackenzie found on Pinterest. You spell out the baby's name on gift bags and put a gift inside the bag that starts with the letter. Before mama-to-be opens the gift, the guests get to guess what is inside. Everyone had a fit over this game, and I am so pleased with how well it went over. Here's the list of what we gave (we got everything off of her registry except for two items): 

B- bib
R- rattle
A- ABC book (Dr. Seuss)  
Y- Yearly Scrapbook 
D- diapers
E- elephant toy 
N- nail clippers

I liked that we were able to incorporate practical gifts, along with a few fun ones too! Griffyn loved everything she got and I know one thing for sure, baby Brayden is going to be one loved little boy. He already is!

I was so thankful and grateful for all those that came to shower Griffyn and Brayden with love, and I am so immensely thankful and blessed by my relationship with Griffyn. She is going to make a fantastic mom and I can't wait to watch her grow in her role as mother, knowing that she will always lean on the Lord for support and raise a wonderful, Godly man. 

And a huge thank you to Mackenzie for letting us host at her house. We live right around the corner from each other, so it was so easy to coordinate and get everything from my house to hers!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween this weekend!


Recap of our Folly Vacation

Before I get to our Folly trip, I just want to thank everyone who has reached out regarding the flooding in Columbia. I can't tell you how much your prayers and support means in this time, we are certainly in desperate need for them. The sun is out today and recovery is beginning. We have such a long way to go, and dams are continuing to breach, people are still without water, and the death toll continues to rise. The community has been nothing short of outstanding and the volunteer work that is going on right is so wonderful to see. See my last post on ways you can donate!

Also, if you've been around this space for any length of time, you know that I don't keep the same layout for too long. So, here we go with my latest one :) I hope you like it as much as I do!


I think it's fairly clear that the weather wasn't quite what we were hoping for, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. Also, I didn't take a ton of photos on our trip, likely due to the fact that I stayed in sweats sans makeup the whole time, haha!

Let's start with our trip down Thursday evening. We had the car packed and were on the road by 5:30. We swung through Bojangles to grab a quick dinner for the road and had to battle to keep Murphy in the backseat while we ate. He was literally hovering over our food the whole time. Needless to say, we scarfed it down quickly, ha! The ride wasn't bad. It started to mist and get a little hard to see when we got close to Charleston, but overall, not a terrible drive. We couldn't ever get Murphy to lay in his bed and get comfortable, but he did sit down a few times. But he stood for most of the two hour trip. He did get kind of funny towards the end of the drive. You could tell he was just ready to be out of the car, and I think he could sense Josh's anxiety from the rain. That little fellas eyes were as big as saucers. 

So, we stayed on the third floor of the condo, which I was happy about. However, our furry family member was not as thrilled. The steps were soaked from all the rain Folly had been getting and Murphy had no interest in going up them. Literally laid down, you couldn't even pull him up the steps. Josh picked him up and carried him the last half of the way up the steps, then as they got to the top and he went to put Murphy down...Murph kicked off of Josh, sending Josh collapsing onto the top steps. Can you tell we had a rough time getting into the condo? It was raining pretty good as Josh brought all of the stuff in, but we finally got settled, got Murphy to use the bathroom and hunkered down for the night. Murphy walked around the condo for at least an hour crying. That is a strange dog, let me tell you. Literally just walking around crying, crying, crying. I've mentioned before how vocal he is, haha! We put a big towel over the bed and let him sleep with us and holy cow was he bad the first night. He sat up in the bed practically all night staring at us and you guessed it, crying. ALL NIGHT I TELL YOU. So, we were smart and brought Benadryl with us and Josh gave him a "magic hot dog" before bed the rest of the nights we were there. Worked like a charm, he slept all night ;) Murphy really is like having a child. 

Friday we were pretty lucky with the weather. It was cool and overcast, but didn't rain until late that night. We took Murphy on the beach for long walks several times, and ventured down Center Street where all of the restaurants and shops are. Murphy must have wanted a souvenir, because he tried to go in every store we passed ;) He was hilarious on the beach. Loved the sand and the puddles of water, but had no interest in the ocean. Like, would hop backwards like a bunny ten feet in the air every time we'd try to get him close to the water and it would come to his paws. I think the loud noise of the crashing waves stressed him out a bit. I don't think he's going to be one of those dogs chasing a tennis ball into the ocean anytime soon. However, he loved rolling around in the sand and getting as dirty as possible before having to go back inside. There was a lot of coat and paw wiping that took place before he went back in the condo. Josh picked up dinner from the highly raved about Taco Boy, it was delicious, as expected. 

Saturday we got rain on and off most the day. The wind picked up on Saturday as well. We ventured out a few times, got pelted with rain and knocked over by wind. But my heavens did Murph LOVE IT. He went barreling down the beach running like he was on Baywatch every time we took him out on Saturday. The whole beach was basically standing water because of the rain and flood, so we took off our shoes and shivered through the puddles. We watched quite a bit of football on Saturday. So disappointing to see our Gamecocks lose..again. Josh ventured out to get us dinner Saturday night and a ton of places were closed, as the weather was getting worse, he luckily stumbled on a pizza joint that was open. Saturday night the weather got crazy and the wind was so bad, it would blow the door of the condo open if we didn't have the dead bolt locked! Rain also started to come in under the door so we had to put towels down to soak it all up. We played a lot of Phase 10 and watched more football Saturday night. 

Sunday morning we got up and tried to figure out if we needed to stay another night, go ahead and come home, what roads were closed trying to get home, etc. There was a lot of facebooking, googling, news watching and phone calls home going on. We did make it out safely and Murphy was good on the ride back. Again fairly stressed because his eyes turned to saucers again, but once we got home he went to bed and basically slept all the way until Monday night, I kid you not! 

Josh and I both agreed we'd like to take this trip again next year and stay in the same condo, all while praying for good weather! The condo was spacious, decorated nicely, perfect location and so clean. We used Folly's Best Rentals and stayed in Beautiful Sunrise, I can't say enough good things about the condo!

This trip was to celebrate our second anniversary, and honestly I think we were a little distracted with Murphy and the weather to super focus on our anniversary that was a few weeks ago, BUT we did end up taking our actual anniversary off from work. We got our photos taken that morning in Greenville, then we went apple picking at Sky Top Orchard in North Carolina. It was a Monday so it wasn't busy at all! We came home with a ton of delicious apples (Josh loves apples!) and we tried an apple doughnut and their apple cider while we were there. Both were absolutely delicious! Once we got back to Columbia that afternoon, we rested up for our dinner at The Oak Table. We had such a good time and great conversation over our delicious meal. It was a perfect anniversary day! 


Heartbreaking Devastation #PrayforSC

I'm a bit in disbelief that I'm even writing this post today. I assumed I'd be recapping our trip to Folly and how Murphy did at the beach, but that's going to have to take a little bit of a back seat. 

Right now, I'm sitting on my couch with Josh beside me, drinking my coffee and literally thanking God that our house is ok. If you haven't heard, practically all of Columbia is under water. I have never seen anything like it in my life. If I wanted to leave my house today, it's truly impossible. The city is under water. Yesterday was such a devastating and heart breaking day. We made the difficult decision to drive home from Charleston yesterday. We were really unsure of what to do, should we come on home, or was it best to stay another night. Obviously we were anxious to get home, because as we saw everything unfolding at home, we were extremely concerned about the state of our home. We hit the road yesterday morning and I kid you not, every street in Folly Beach was under water, cars under water, it was just madness. Every street, except the one main road we had to use to get out, was flooded. If that's not the Lord providing for us, I don't know what is. We were literally traveling along the solitary road that wasn't completely washed out. I should note that before we left the condo, we were in such deep prayer with God. Begging him to get us home safely, to send a guardian angel to protect our car as we traveled and for our home to be ok when we get here. Also, we got word that night that the one street in Folly that wasn't flooded yesterday, the one we used to come home, was under water by yesterday afternoon. We got out in the nick of time. 

You guys, we hardly ran into any rain on our drive, got home much quicker than we thought and only had to deal with rain about 7 miles from home. We had about 3 different options to choose from to get home. All of which we were unsure of. We knew that the market that's less an 1/2 mile from our home was completely flooded, so going that route was not an option. On one of the interstates we could take to get home, the water was about 2 feet from the bridge that crosses over the interstate. I'm telling you, I have never seen so much water and flooding in my life. Thankfully, we chose the best route to get home and we arrived in our yard, looking at our home that was pretty much untouched. Besides a lot of standing water in the yard. I just can't sing the praises of our Lord enough, I have no doubt in my mind that he laid his ultimate protection over us. The conditions of our state should have made it almost impossible for us to get home, but we arrived home safely and without much stress getting here. I am just so thankful. 

Our home was spared, but neighbors just streets over, neighborhoods next to ours and the other side of town are in absolute shambles. I stood in front of the TV yesterday with my mouth gaping open most of the time, because I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I really lost it and the tears started when I saw cemeteries with caskets floating. Caskets floating you guys. Also, there are snakes and alligators floating in the city park. The water is so high, it's bringing in a ton of wildlife into places where they do not belong. Another issue is that the shelters that are being set up are losing their ability to have water, and people are unable to get to the shelters because the roads are in such a terrible condition. It all seems like a nightmare that you're unsure how to get out of. 

Our town, and our state really, is in such disarray and we are all heart broken. We've been watching the news nonstop and just constantly praying. We have a long road ahead of us, but I am so thankful for our citizens and especially our first responders who have just been fantastic in keeping everyone calm and as safe as possible. I want to share a few images of our town. I truly have a hard time wrapping my head around this, because the pictures I'm going to show you are down the street, across town, around the corner. I mean, how we are sitting in our house right now so safely, all I credit to the Lord. Almost all of Columbia is without water, and will be for 3-4 days. Our hospitals are in crisis because we have no water. There are over 35,000 power outages, 7 reported fatalities, basically all interstates and roads around town are completely closed. Roads have literally washed away.  

I beg of you to pray for South Carolina, especially Columbia. We could use everyone's prayers. Also, if you feel so moved, we could use donations of money and of goods to help those who have truly lost everything. I'll leave links below of resources if you'd like to help.