Two Years As Mrs. Colvin

Today marks two years since I've started signing my name as Mrs. Colvin. It's gone by in a flash, but it also feels like we've been married for many moons now. 

When I think about marriage and how people always say "our marriage isn't perfect", I have to agree. Our marriage isn't perfect, but I think it is darn close. I think our marriage is pretty easy, and that's because Josh is so perfectly fitted for me, and me for him. I ask him all the time "how'd we get so lucky" and he always replies "we're blessed'. Yes indeed. 

I still get butterflies when we've been away from each other for a few days and we're seeing each other for the first time. I still wait by the window for him to get home each day and greet him at the door. I still love preparing his favorite meal and placing his plate on the table. And I still love his sleepy smile and wild hair in the mornings. Since marriage, our arguments, which rarely happen now, are so short lived. One thing we are pretty darn good at is apologizing, making up and moving on. I think that is key for a sound marriage. Bickering is foolish. Another key, I think, for marriage...taking interest in the interests of your spouse. Josh loves golf, now I love golf. Josh loves football, now I love football. I love home decor shopping, Josh does not love home decor shopping, but he will always happily grant my request for a trip to the store and pushes the buggy or holds the cart while I stack it high with candle sticks, silk flowers, and picture frames. He also participates in Real Housewives' watching, and he does actually love it. (Even if he tries to deny it ;)

I could write for days about how much I love Josh and all that I love about him. He is my person. My soul mate. My other half. I get so much joy out of knowing that I get to spend all of my days with that man. He always has me laughing. He is always making sure I am well taken care of. Gives me everything I could ever want and need. Listens to me. Teaches me. Guides me. And loves me. Whenever I think about our marriage, every time I have to bite my lip to hold back tears because I am so grateful for this beautiful gift we've been given. I'm so grateful to have found the one that loves serving me, and that I love to serve. You certainly become a servant in marriage and develop a servants heart, which is such a great quality to possess in marriage and in life. The way Josh and I fit together often leaves me in awe. For me, it's the greatest reminder of God's goodness. Because he has allowed two sinful people to find each other and to fit and work together in perfect harmony. Perfect harmony. God is so good. 

While our years to come are certain to have their challenges, I feel confident that the smiles and memories we'll make along the way will far out weight the challenges. I know I've said it here before and I'll continue to say it forever, I wish that everyone could marry a man like Josh. That's how wonderful he is. A diamond in the rough.

These past two years have been nothing short of blissful, and I'm looking forward to one hundred more. Mr. Colvin, I love you more than words can say. Happy two years!


  1. Happy anniversary to you two! What a precious post, friend. I love reading these words--"it's the greatest reminder of God's goodness." YES. Here's to many more years of happiness for you and Josh!

  2. Happy anniversary!! What a beautiful photo of you two! I hope he spoils you rotten tonight ;)

  3. We celebrated two years this month, too! I am partial to all September weddings! Happy anniversary!


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