Second Anniversary Photos

If it's up to me, Josh and I will still be documenting anniversaries with a photo session when we're 100. I just love to see how we've changed over the past year and I love new photos to hang in the house as each year of marriage passes. Celebrating marriage is so very important.

I want to first mention our photographer, Jessi. If you are in South Carolina, I highly recommend reaching out to Jessi Nichols Photography for your photography needs. Jessi is incredibly kind and makes you feel so at ease during your session. You will truly feel like she is one of your greatest friends when you leave your session, she's just that welcoming. As if her personality and demeanor weren't enough to sell you, just take a peek at her work and you'll see why I rave about her so much! Jessi - I think I've already told you thank you approximately 75 times now, but here's one more. I really cherish these photos! 

I'm over the moon with how our outfits came together, my lipstick wasn't too bold, Josh's hair was great and PRAISE THE LORD MY HAIR LOOKED DECENT. That is honestly always my biggest fear with photos, that my hair is going to look a hot mess in all of them. I am happy to report that it did not :) Year 2 was a sweet year for us, and I think these pictures reflect that sweetness.

I posted my thoughts on year two of marriage here.

I could share a million more, but I'll spare you :) I hope you're having a great week! It's all rain, rain, rain for us this week, hoping we see the sun very soon!


  1. These are so beautiful!! We did first anniversary photos this year, and it was so much fun! I especially love the third one. You two look so much still in love :)

  2. Your pictures are amazing, I love your dress.

  3. Love all of these! Your outfits look great and so does your hair! I'm hoping I can talk my husband into anniversary photo shoots when the time comes :)

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