Greenville Weekend with Mom

As soon as the clock struck 4 on Friday, I jetted out the door from work and headed home to meet mom so we could hit the road to Greenville for the weekend. The weather this weekend was perfect, a cool 75 degrees all weekend, I even wore a sweater to shop on Saturday. 

Josh had a busy weekend planned; working on Saturday and then he and his dad had tickets to the Carolina game that night (moment of silence for the big L we acquired). So on a whim last week mom and I booked a room for the weekend. 

After checking in to our hotel , we headed down town and had dinner at Tupelo Honey on and my goodness was it delicious. We had pimento cheese for our appetizer and it was to die for. I get my love of pimento cheese from my mama, lady LOVES the stuff! We both got the fried chicken BLT and the sandwich was bigger than our heads, seriously. Another fantastic choice, the fried chicken was out of this world and the bacon had a touch of maple. It'd be wrong of me to not mention the mouth watering biscuits we had and the megamosa...which is a massive mimosa. I know mimosa's are traditionally brunch drinks, but I can drink one any time of day :) We finished dinner after 9 and then headed back to our room to crash and gear up for a day of shopping. 

Saturday morning we walked around downtown in the quaint little shops and visited Falls Park. I have to say I'm a little envious of Falls Park and wish Columbia had something similar. It's a beautiful park and a must visit on my list every time I'm in Greenville. I should also mention how dog friendly Greenville is, literally every other person was walking a dog. I had to control my desire to pet every one of them, haha! We had brunch at Nose Dive downtown and we got a salad with salmon with a cucumber mint ranch dressomg, hands down the best dressing I've ever had on a salad. I've got to find a recipe to recreate it at home. 

We spent the rest of our Saturday shopping around town at a few different places, and mom and I finally got to go into Pottery Barn. We actually didn't know Greenville's mall had one, but quickly made our way over after we found out they did. Can I admit that I find Pottery Barn extremely overpriced, and for things that you can find at other stores that look almost exactly the same? Nevertheless, we enjoyed looking around and gawking at price tags ;) That night we went to Brick Street Cafe for dinner and mom fell in love with the quaint atmosphere. There were flowers on the table and we sat by candle light, a little mother-daughter date night if you will. We had chocolate cake for dessert that was fantastic. You know I love a good piece of cake...especially chocolate! 

Sunday morning we had breakfast then tried to think of what we wanted to do before we left town. A quick google search of "home stores in Greenville" brought up a search result for  a store called At Home. Just our luck, they were already open (which were worried about because it was Sunday, we didn't want to wait around all day for stores to open) so we headed to At Home and spent the next two and a half hours walking down every aisle in the store. Man would we be in trouble if Columbia had one of those stores. This place was massive, had everything you could every dream of as far as decor and furniture. And their seasonal items? Holy Cow. I was in fall and Christmas decor heaven. 

We arrived back in Columbia yesterday and were happily greeted with cool fall weather, and mom hung around at my house for awhile and we decorated with all the new things we got this weekend. I really need to do a fall home decor post soon, I found some really great pieces this weekend that will last for years and years to come. 

I had such a great time with my mom this weekend. Her and I are two peas in a pod. We were in stitches laughing the whole weekend and I am so, so thankful for the relationship and friendship I have with my mama. She is my whole world. 

I hope y'all also had a great weekend and all the praises hands because it was a cool 65 when I left for work this morning and we are supposed to have perfect fall weather this week. HALLELUJAH!  

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  1. So glad you and your mom had a good weekend together!! That home store sounds amazing! I love finding holiday decor that I know will last for many years to come. We have been having cool mornings here in Tennessee, too. I'm loving it!! :)


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