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Happy Friday and happy Labor Day weekend, friends! Anyone else doing a little happy dance that it's a 3 day weekend? Both hands raised over here. 

If you follow me on snapchat (lindsaybcolvin) you saw my extreme excitement for the start of football season yesterday. Some how or another, Carolina pulled off a win. Not a pretty one, that's for certain, but a win nonetheless. Both Josh and I agreed that this football season is likely to age us 10 years. We really get in to football, can you tell?

I drug all my fall decor out of the attic this week and started to work on our front porch. And I just couldn't get it quite right. No combination of how I was putting things together looked all that great, so I called it quits and put it away, and decided that I'll try again later when inspiration hits me again. Don't you hate it when you're so excited to decorate for something, then it just doesn't turn out quite how you were expecting? We've got a big Gamecock hanger on the door right now, that will probably stay up until the end of September and then I've got a beautiful fall wreath to replace it with. My genius husband said that maybe I should wait to decorate the front porch for fall when I put up the wreath so that everything looks put together...and the big Gamecock on the door doesn't stick out like a sore thumb against my pumpkins and fall colors like it was doing this week, haha! However, I know myself and know that I probably can't hold off for another month to decorate inside for fall, so I might give that a shot this weekend.

Labor Day weekend two years ago! We had just closed on our house a few days before and were less than a month away from our wedding. I truly can't believe how fast time passes. Looking at our sweet little house, sans decor, takes me back to the excitement I felt when we officially got to call this place ours!
Every year we have a big Labor Day celebration at church, which means we'll be busy all day on Monday. So Josh and I are 99% sure that we're going to head to Sky Top Orchard in North Carolina tomorrow to do some apple picking. Honestly, almost every weekend from now until November is accounted for, so if we want to make a day trip to the orchards, it's now or never. We're also less than a month away from our 2 year anniversary trip. I'm so excited for a quiet weekend at the beach...with Murphy in tow! I can't wait to see his reaction to the beach for the first time. And most of all, I'm so looking forward to celebrating two years of wedded bliss. Marriage, such a huge blessing. 

Here's to wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend, the unofficial end of summer, and hoping you get to burn all the pumpkin candles in your house this weekend :) 

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  1. The worst part about football season is having all your fall weekends eaten up! It's worth it, but it's kind of annoying sometimes because there are so many fun fall activities! I really want to go apple picking too, but I just don't know if it's going to happen.


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