Football Season Kick Off

IT'S GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Promptly at 6:30 this morning, sandstorm started blaring through the house and Josh and I were jumping around and dancing like crazy. We love football and are ready for this season to get started! Truly, I have found so much joy getting involved with sports with my husband. He loves it so much, and to be able to share in something that he enjoys makes me very happy, and makes for a very happy marriage :) (Side note, my biggest advice for couples in relationships, married or not, get involved in what your spouse likes to do, take interests in their interests, you will connect on a totally different level!)

Last night Josh ironed our best garnet and black attire for work today, and we proudly put on our BEAT UNC stickers this morning before we left the house. We also put our Gamecock flags on our cars as we headed out the door this morning.

Tonight is sure to be a fun one. With Josh pacing the house the whole game, yelling at the TV and cheering on our Gamecocks! Pizza and chocolate chip cookies are on the menu. Murphy will be decked out in his Carolina jersey...that we had to cut the sleeves off of because his chest is so wide...so it's more like a Carolina tank top, ha!

With that being said, GO COCKS! 

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