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There's a few things I've been loving recently, and thought I'd share here and pass along to y'all. I may be behind on a few of these things (ahem, my love for Open Table) but better late then never, right?

Also, a quick note on our anniversary. First, thank you so much for the extremely kind comments you left on my post! Second, I do plan on recapping what we did for our anniversary, but am going to wait to put it together with our anniversary trip next weekend. We had a wonderful day on Monday and I'm so blessed by my marriage!

Ok, let's start with Open Table. I've used it twice in the past and most recently used it to book our anniversary dinner at The Oak Table on Main Street. It's so easy to use, you can earn points by making reservations and you can leave a little notation if you're celebrating something special. I made a note that we were celebrating our second wedding anniversary when I made our reservation, and we were greeted with complimentary champagne upon our arrival to The Oak Table and finished the night with a complimentary dessert. Open Table is great for those who loathe calling places (me!) and it's so easy to use. I'll be using it for reservations for dinner while we're on our anniversary trip next weekend as well! Speaking of The Oak Table, we really enjoyed our experience, the decor is beautiful and they had a gorgeous print of a huge oak tree on the wall. Josh hates cheese, but he let me get a cheese board for our appetizer and holy cow, it was awesome! Even Josh experimented with a few of the cheeses, I was quite proud of him. Our entrees were good, but sadly pretty bland, which we were surprised by. However, the service was great and we had a wonderful evening.

Another recent purchase of mine was a new harness and travel bowl for Murphy. I bought these two items when mom and I were in Greenville at Mast General Store. The brand of both items is Ruffwear. We've used both the harness and travel bowl and love them. The harness fits Murphy so much better than his old PetSmart one, has so much more support and is incredibly easy to put on. No more wrangling him to step IN the harness. This one goes over his head, easily slips around his arms and then buckles on his back. We also have so much more control over him now when we're out on walks. We've only used the travel bowl once, but it is collapsible and works perfectly. We got the sturdier one, not the kind that looks like a little bag, and the first time we used it Murphy didn't even hesitate before sticking his head right in to lap up the water. And if you know Murphy, he is often skeptical of new and different things. You wouldn't believe how much coaxing we had to do to get him to drink out of a tupperware bowl on previous walks. The bowl is also made of a material that basically dries instantly, which is great for throwing it back into the back pack on our walks and continuing on our way, without making a huge mess. Murphy overheats very quickly, so I know we'll get quite a bit of use out of this water bowl during our sweltering South Carolina summers.  Ruffwear is a bit pricier than your regular pet stores, but they only have rave reviews on all of their products and what we've seen from the items we've purchased, they are sturdy, well made and will last for a long time. I definitely recommend Ruffwear for your puppy dog needs!

via Ruffwear

Speaking of great dog products and our over heating Murph, we discovered that Ruffwear makes a cooling jacket! I had no idea such a thing existed for dogs. What perfect timing to discover this jacket because 1. Murphy's birthday is next month and 2. we were on a moderately long walk on Sunday and it was pretty hot out. When we were about 1/4 of the way back to the car, someone refused to walk any further, laid down on the cement, was foaming at the mouth, eyes glazed and was panting differently than we've ever heard him do before. Hello over heating, hello freaking out dog owners. This resulted in us carrying him back to the car...all 75, stocky, muscular pounds of him. We were exhausted and he looked pitiful. Therefore, we will be buying this miracle cooling jacket pronto, and justifying the cost because it's "his birthday gift" ;)

I am certainly welcoming fall today with open arms. Let's not kid ourselves, my fall decor has been out for 2 weeks. The candle that we're currently burning is Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Apple, and oh my goodness, probably one of my favorites. It's looking like were going to have a bit of cooler weather this week and I am pumped about it! However, can I be picky and ask for the 80s while were at the beach next weekend? Speaking of the beach next weekend, I've already packed a bag for Murphy. Call me crazy, I'll totally admit to it. Both Josh and I are so excited to take that sweet puppy on his first trip. Praying that he doesn't tear up ANYTHING in the condo.

I hope you're having a great Wednesday, one step closer to the weekend!

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