Packing Murphy's Bag

You might think by the title of this post that we are sending Murphy away...however, that's not quite the case. He's packing his bags, but just to go on vacation. Side note, sorry not sorry for talking about my dog like he's a human. 

This is the first time we'll be loading up the buddy and taking him on a trip, so naturally he had to have a bag of his own. My mom and dad got him this little bag last year as his "stocking" and it was full of toys for him for Christmas. I bought the little burlap letters at Hobby Lobby and put them on the front. It works as the perfect bag to carry his stuff in to take him to the beach. Inside is the travel bowl I mentioned a few posts ago, his Life is Good bowl that is accidentally pink (for food), a jug of water and his food container. I found this container at TJ Maxx and knew it'd be perfect for transporting his food, I ordered the vinyl on Etsy to put inside the bone cut out. I also put a couple bananas in his bag, just in case there are any girl dogs he wants to show off to ;)

In addition to the items in this bag ,we'll have his harness and leash, bed, his blanket and a few toys. We're probably packing a few more toys than necessary, but because it's his first time away from home, we're hoping having a lot of his stuff around will prevent him from tearing up anything in the condo and us getting a hefty fine for damage. You hear that Murph? DON'T TEAR UP ANYTHING. 

I'm really curious to see how he does on the ride down. We're lucky in that we only have about an hour and a half drive, but I just hope he decides to sit or lay at some point on the trip, rather than trying to claw his way into the front seat and stick his face directly in front of the air vents. A few months ago we bought a seat protector and barrier for the backseat that does it relatively good job of keeping him in the back...until we're riding down the road and I see a paw come flying by my face and look over to see Murphy pouncing over the barrier onto the middle console, and looking over at me like "Hey Mom! Oh, what? I'm not supposed to be up here? But I just thought that...ok, fine, I'll get in the back."

Did we leave anything out of Murphy's bag that is a must have for your pet when you travel? I'd love to hear your thoughts and tips! Not listed above, but will be in our suitcase is a flash light, for any late night potty runs we may have to take him outside for. 

Here's to hoping we have a great anniversary trip with Murphy in tow, and that he loves his first trip to the beach. I'll keep you posted on his review ;) He also had to do a thorough check of his bag to make sure I didn't forget anything. 


Second Anniversary Photos

If it's up to me, Josh and I will still be documenting anniversaries with a photo session when we're 100. I just love to see how we've changed over the past year and I love new photos to hang in the house as each year of marriage passes. Celebrating marriage is so very important.

I want to first mention our photographer, Jessi. If you are in South Carolina, I highly recommend reaching out to Jessi Nichols Photography for your photography needs. Jessi is incredibly kind and makes you feel so at ease during your session. You will truly feel like she is one of your greatest friends when you leave your session, she's just that welcoming. As if her personality and demeanor weren't enough to sell you, just take a peek at her work and you'll see why I rave about her so much! Jessi - I think I've already told you thank you approximately 75 times now, but here's one more. I really cherish these photos! 

I'm over the moon with how our outfits came together, my lipstick wasn't too bold, Josh's hair was great and PRAISE THE LORD MY HAIR LOOKED DECENT. That is honestly always my biggest fear with photos, that my hair is going to look a hot mess in all of them. I am happy to report that it did not :) Year 2 was a sweet year for us, and I think these pictures reflect that sweetness.

I posted my thoughts on year two of marriage here.

I could share a million more, but I'll spare you :) I hope you're having a great week! It's all rain, rain, rain for us this week, hoping we see the sun very soon!


A few things

There's a few things I've been loving recently, and thought I'd share here and pass along to y'all. I may be behind on a few of these things (ahem, my love for Open Table) but better late then never, right?

Also, a quick note on our anniversary. First, thank you so much for the extremely kind comments you left on my post! Second, I do plan on recapping what we did for our anniversary, but am going to wait to put it together with our anniversary trip next weekend. We had a wonderful day on Monday and I'm so blessed by my marriage!

Ok, let's start with Open Table. I've used it twice in the past and most recently used it to book our anniversary dinner at The Oak Table on Main Street. It's so easy to use, you can earn points by making reservations and you can leave a little notation if you're celebrating something special. I made a note that we were celebrating our second wedding anniversary when I made our reservation, and we were greeted with complimentary champagne upon our arrival to The Oak Table and finished the night with a complimentary dessert. Open Table is great for those who loathe calling places (me!) and it's so easy to use. I'll be using it for reservations for dinner while we're on our anniversary trip next weekend as well! Speaking of The Oak Table, we really enjoyed our experience, the decor is beautiful and they had a gorgeous print of a huge oak tree on the wall. Josh hates cheese, but he let me get a cheese board for our appetizer and holy cow, it was awesome! Even Josh experimented with a few of the cheeses, I was quite proud of him. Our entrees were good, but sadly pretty bland, which we were surprised by. However, the service was great and we had a wonderful evening.

Another recent purchase of mine was a new harness and travel bowl for Murphy. I bought these two items when mom and I were in Greenville at Mast General Store. The brand of both items is Ruffwear. We've used both the harness and travel bowl and love them. The harness fits Murphy so much better than his old PetSmart one, has so much more support and is incredibly easy to put on. No more wrangling him to step IN the harness. This one goes over his head, easily slips around his arms and then buckles on his back. We also have so much more control over him now when we're out on walks. We've only used the travel bowl once, but it is collapsible and works perfectly. We got the sturdier one, not the kind that looks like a little bag, and the first time we used it Murphy didn't even hesitate before sticking his head right in to lap up the water. And if you know Murphy, he is often skeptical of new and different things. You wouldn't believe how much coaxing we had to do to get him to drink out of a tupperware bowl on previous walks. The bowl is also made of a material that basically dries instantly, which is great for throwing it back into the back pack on our walks and continuing on our way, without making a huge mess. Murphy overheats very quickly, so I know we'll get quite a bit of use out of this water bowl during our sweltering South Carolina summers.  Ruffwear is a bit pricier than your regular pet stores, but they only have rave reviews on all of their products and what we've seen from the items we've purchased, they are sturdy, well made and will last for a long time. I definitely recommend Ruffwear for your puppy dog needs!

via Ruffwear

Speaking of great dog products and our over heating Murph, we discovered that Ruffwear makes a cooling jacket! I had no idea such a thing existed for dogs. What perfect timing to discover this jacket because 1. Murphy's birthday is next month and 2. we were on a moderately long walk on Sunday and it was pretty hot out. When we were about 1/4 of the way back to the car, someone refused to walk any further, laid down on the cement, was foaming at the mouth, eyes glazed and was panting differently than we've ever heard him do before. Hello over heating, hello freaking out dog owners. This resulted in us carrying him back to the car...all 75, stocky, muscular pounds of him. We were exhausted and he looked pitiful. Therefore, we will be buying this miracle cooling jacket pronto, and justifying the cost because it's "his birthday gift" ;)

I am certainly welcoming fall today with open arms. Let's not kid ourselves, my fall decor has been out for 2 weeks. The candle that we're currently burning is Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Apple, and oh my goodness, probably one of my favorites. It's looking like were going to have a bit of cooler weather this week and I am pumped about it! However, can I be picky and ask for the 80s while were at the beach next weekend? Speaking of the beach next weekend, I've already packed a bag for Murphy. Call me crazy, I'll totally admit to it. Both Josh and I are so excited to take that sweet puppy on his first trip. Praying that he doesn't tear up ANYTHING in the condo.

I hope you're having a great Wednesday, one step closer to the weekend!


Two Years As Mrs. Colvin

Today marks two years since I've started signing my name as Mrs. Colvin. It's gone by in a flash, but it also feels like we've been married for many moons now. 

When I think about marriage and how people always say "our marriage isn't perfect", I have to agree. Our marriage isn't perfect, but I think it is darn close. I think our marriage is pretty easy, and that's because Josh is so perfectly fitted for me, and me for him. I ask him all the time "how'd we get so lucky" and he always replies "we're blessed'. Yes indeed. 

I still get butterflies when we've been away from each other for a few days and we're seeing each other for the first time. I still wait by the window for him to get home each day and greet him at the door. I still love preparing his favorite meal and placing his plate on the table. And I still love his sleepy smile and wild hair in the mornings. Since marriage, our arguments, which rarely happen now, are so short lived. One thing we are pretty darn good at is apologizing, making up and moving on. I think that is key for a sound marriage. Bickering is foolish. Another key, I think, for marriage...taking interest in the interests of your spouse. Josh loves golf, now I love golf. Josh loves football, now I love football. I love home decor shopping, Josh does not love home decor shopping, but he will always happily grant my request for a trip to the store and pushes the buggy or holds the cart while I stack it high with candle sticks, silk flowers, and picture frames. He also participates in Real Housewives' watching, and he does actually love it. (Even if he tries to deny it ;)

I could write for days about how much I love Josh and all that I love about him. He is my person. My soul mate. My other half. I get so much joy out of knowing that I get to spend all of my days with that man. He always has me laughing. He is always making sure I am well taken care of. Gives me everything I could ever want and need. Listens to me. Teaches me. Guides me. And loves me. Whenever I think about our marriage, every time I have to bite my lip to hold back tears because I am so grateful for this beautiful gift we've been given. I'm so grateful to have found the one that loves serving me, and that I love to serve. You certainly become a servant in marriage and develop a servants heart, which is such a great quality to possess in marriage and in life. The way Josh and I fit together often leaves me in awe. For me, it's the greatest reminder of God's goodness. Because he has allowed two sinful people to find each other and to fit and work together in perfect harmony. Perfect harmony. God is so good. 

While our years to come are certain to have their challenges, I feel confident that the smiles and memories we'll make along the way will far out weight the challenges. I know I've said it here before and I'll continue to say it forever, I wish that everyone could marry a man like Josh. That's how wonderful he is. A diamond in the rough.

These past two years have been nothing short of blissful, and I'm looking forward to one hundred more. Mr. Colvin, I love you more than words can say. Happy two years!


Greenville Weekend with Mom

As soon as the clock struck 4 on Friday, I jetted out the door from work and headed home to meet mom so we could hit the road to Greenville for the weekend. The weather this weekend was perfect, a cool 75 degrees all weekend, I even wore a sweater to shop on Saturday. 

Josh had a busy weekend planned; working on Saturday and then he and his dad had tickets to the Carolina game that night (moment of silence for the big L we acquired). So on a whim last week mom and I booked a room for the weekend. 

After checking in to our hotel , we headed down town and had dinner at Tupelo Honey on and my goodness was it delicious. We had pimento cheese for our appetizer and it was to die for. I get my love of pimento cheese from my mama, lady LOVES the stuff! We both got the fried chicken BLT and the sandwich was bigger than our heads, seriously. Another fantastic choice, the fried chicken was out of this world and the bacon had a touch of maple. It'd be wrong of me to not mention the mouth watering biscuits we had and the megamosa...which is a massive mimosa. I know mimosa's are traditionally brunch drinks, but I can drink one any time of day :) We finished dinner after 9 and then headed back to our room to crash and gear up for a day of shopping. 

Saturday morning we walked around downtown in the quaint little shops and visited Falls Park. I have to say I'm a little envious of Falls Park and wish Columbia had something similar. It's a beautiful park and a must visit on my list every time I'm in Greenville. I should also mention how dog friendly Greenville is, literally every other person was walking a dog. I had to control my desire to pet every one of them, haha! We had brunch at Nose Dive downtown and we got a salad with salmon with a cucumber mint ranch dressomg, hands down the best dressing I've ever had on a salad. I've got to find a recipe to recreate it at home. 

We spent the rest of our Saturday shopping around town at a few different places, and mom and I finally got to go into Pottery Barn. We actually didn't know Greenville's mall had one, but quickly made our way over after we found out they did. Can I admit that I find Pottery Barn extremely overpriced, and for things that you can find at other stores that look almost exactly the same? Nevertheless, we enjoyed looking around and gawking at price tags ;) That night we went to Brick Street Cafe for dinner and mom fell in love with the quaint atmosphere. There were flowers on the table and we sat by candle light, a little mother-daughter date night if you will. We had chocolate cake for dessert that was fantastic. You know I love a good piece of cake...especially chocolate! 

Sunday morning we had breakfast then tried to think of what we wanted to do before we left town. A quick google search of "home stores in Greenville" brought up a search result for  a store called At Home. Just our luck, they were already open (which were worried about because it was Sunday, we didn't want to wait around all day for stores to open) so we headed to At Home and spent the next two and a half hours walking down every aisle in the store. Man would we be in trouble if Columbia had one of those stores. This place was massive, had everything you could every dream of as far as decor and furniture. And their seasonal items? Holy Cow. I was in fall and Christmas decor heaven. 

We arrived back in Columbia yesterday and were happily greeted with cool fall weather, and mom hung around at my house for awhile and we decorated with all the new things we got this weekend. I really need to do a fall home decor post soon, I found some really great pieces this weekend that will last for years and years to come. 

I had such a great time with my mom this weekend. Her and I are two peas in a pod. We were in stitches laughing the whole weekend and I am so, so thankful for the relationship and friendship I have with my mama. She is my whole world. 

I hope y'all also had a great weekend and all the praises hands because it was a cool 65 when I left for work this morning and we are supposed to have perfect fall weather this week. HALLELUJAH!  


Friday Rambles

Another Friday is upon us, friends! It's my Friday to leave work at 4:00 and I'm counting down the hours. 

I obviously want to start this post by taking a moment to reflect and remember the event that rocked our nation 14 years ago. I was in the fifth grade when the towers were hit, and I'm not one to remember a whole lot of things vividly, but I can very clearly remember watching coverage in Mrs. Edwards classroom that day, and the days to come. My heart really aches for those that lost loved ones and friends on 9/11. I truly can't begin to imagine their pain, grief and sorrow. The new memorial that is now finished in NYC is a must see for me, hopefully in years that are not too far down the road. I've heard it is a touching and moving experience, one that I am anxious to have for myself. A classmate of mine posted this story on facebook last year regarding the attacks and posted again this year. I read it last year and wanted to pass it along to you guys, it's long, but you'll be so deeply enthralled in the story that you'll read through it quickly. Find the story here.  

This afternoon mom and I are hitting the road for a girls weekend in Greenville, and I can't wait. I believe we're supposed to have great weather and I'm looking forward to a weekend or relaxing and lots of shopping. If there's one thing mom really excels at, it's shopping. The woman is good, y'all. Oh, I'm also hoping to eat at a few good restaurants too! 

I'm donning my garnet and black today for our Gamecocks tomorrow as they take on Kentucky! While mom and I are gallivanting around Greenville, Josh and his dad will be headed to the game. I have to tell you, the Colvin clan is definitely happy that football is back. I can't tell how good it felt to hear the familiar sounds of Game Day on our TV last Saturday. We spent a good chunk of last weekend watching football, and I know that will be a familiar scene for our fall weekends. 

Speaking of fall, we're a little over a week away from our 2nd wedding anniversary and the last official day of summer, although I call Labor Day the last unofficial day of summer. I had to work on our anniversary last year...absolutely a bummer. So much so that when I got off work I came home and cried like a baby because I was so upset that I didn't get to spend the whole day with my husband. BUT, we are redeeming ourselves this year and we both took the day off of work and will be headed to North Carolina to go apple picking. I'm starting to think trips to NC will be a tradition for us, because last year we went to The Biltmore to celebrate our anniversary, a few days before the actual date. I'm really looking forward to a day off work and to celebrate our marriage! Then just a couple weeks after that, we're headed to Folly for our anniversary trip. A little throwback to last years celebration of 1 year. You can read my reflection of our first year of marriage here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend! 



When scrolling through facebook yesterday, I saw an article about the university where I graduated continue to pop up in my timeline. I clicked on it and was delighted to see that Lander University was ranked #4 in the Top Public Regional Colleges- South by U.S. News & World Report. 

Obviously, I was elated to see such great news about my alma mater! It's no secret that I wasn't a huge fan of school, I've discussed it probably more than a dozen times here on the blog. Although I wasn't doing cartwheels to go to school everyday, I truly don't believe that I could have picked a better school to attend. 

My years at Lander are ones that I cherish and I look on memories very fondly. It's funny, Josh and I reminisce about Lander all the time. And I think he may actually miss it just as much, or more than I do! We were just talking the other day about planning a trip to visit soon. 

The time I spent at Lander taught me so much about myself and I grew leaps and bounds as a person while I was there. I'm so thankful for the organizations I was able to be a part of, teams I was on, and the professors and classmates that I got to spend my days with. Some of my very best friendships blossomed at Lander, and for that I am so grateful. 

Lander has made major changes in preparation for this school year. There is a new president, a gorgeous new residence hall, a new fountain, and a Starbucks. The only thing I'm upset about is that I am missing out on these great new additions :) 

In all seriousness, Lander is a fantastic school, as shown by their top 5 ranking, and I recommend it all the time to high school seniors. I am definitely a proud bearcat and proud Lander University alumni. 

When picking out pictures for this post, I had to restrain myself, because I could have easily posted a ton! Sometimes I forget just how much I did and how much I was able to experience while I was in school. Looking back on photos takes me right back to the time and place where they were taken.


Friday Rambles

Happy Friday and happy Labor Day weekend, friends! Anyone else doing a little happy dance that it's a 3 day weekend? Both hands raised over here. 

If you follow me on snapchat (lindsaybcolvin) you saw my extreme excitement for the start of football season yesterday. Some how or another, Carolina pulled off a win. Not a pretty one, that's for certain, but a win nonetheless. Both Josh and I agreed that this football season is likely to age us 10 years. We really get in to football, can you tell?

I drug all my fall decor out of the attic this week and started to work on our front porch. And I just couldn't get it quite right. No combination of how I was putting things together looked all that great, so I called it quits and put it away, and decided that I'll try again later when inspiration hits me again. Don't you hate it when you're so excited to decorate for something, then it just doesn't turn out quite how you were expecting? We've got a big Gamecock hanger on the door right now, that will probably stay up until the end of September and then I've got a beautiful fall wreath to replace it with. My genius husband said that maybe I should wait to decorate the front porch for fall when I put up the wreath so that everything looks put together...and the big Gamecock on the door doesn't stick out like a sore thumb against my pumpkins and fall colors like it was doing this week, haha! However, I know myself and know that I probably can't hold off for another month to decorate inside for fall, so I might give that a shot this weekend.

Labor Day weekend two years ago! We had just closed on our house a few days before and were less than a month away from our wedding. I truly can't believe how fast time passes. Looking at our sweet little house, sans decor, takes me back to the excitement I felt when we officially got to call this place ours!
Every year we have a big Labor Day celebration at church, which means we'll be busy all day on Monday. So Josh and I are 99% sure that we're going to head to Sky Top Orchard in North Carolina tomorrow to do some apple picking. Honestly, almost every weekend from now until November is accounted for, so if we want to make a day trip to the orchards, it's now or never. We're also less than a month away from our 2 year anniversary trip. I'm so excited for a quiet weekend at the beach...with Murphy in tow! I can't wait to see his reaction to the beach for the first time. And most of all, I'm so looking forward to celebrating two years of wedded bliss. Marriage, such a huge blessing. 

Here's to wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend, the unofficial end of summer, and hoping you get to burn all the pumpkin candles in your house this weekend :) 


Football Season Kick Off

IT'S GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Promptly at 6:30 this morning, sandstorm started blaring through the house and Josh and I were jumping around and dancing like crazy. We love football and are ready for this season to get started! Truly, I have found so much joy getting involved with sports with my husband. He loves it so much, and to be able to share in something that he enjoys makes me very happy, and makes for a very happy marriage :) (Side note, my biggest advice for couples in relationships, married or not, get involved in what your spouse likes to do, take interests in their interests, you will connect on a totally different level!)

Last night Josh ironed our best garnet and black attire for work today, and we proudly put on our BEAT UNC stickers this morning before we left the house. We also put our Gamecock flags on our cars as we headed out the door this morning.

Tonight is sure to be a fun one. With Josh pacing the house the whole game, yelling at the TV and cheering on our Gamecocks! Pizza and chocolate chip cookies are on the menu. Murphy will be decked out in his Carolina jersey...that we had to cut the sleeves off of because his chest is so wide...so it's more like a Carolina tank top, ha!

With that being said, GO COCKS!