Sweet Murphy

Word on the street is that it's National Dog Day. And would I be a decent puppy mama and not mention Murphy? No, no I would not. 

Sweet Murphy is truly the light of our lives. I have always been a dog lover. An animal lover really. And I believe every household should have a pet. That being said, Josh came into marriage not even close to being an animal or dog lover. But now! Oh but now you should see that guy. He loves on Murphy 24/7 and his heart for animals has grown so much. Both Josh and I will admit we shouldn't have adopted Murphy when we did, we needed to settle into our home and marriage a little longer, before we added a furry, four legged friend. But when I went to our local shelters website one Thursday afternoon, a mere month after our wedding, and saw the sweetest face of Murphy, then named Simba, I came home and begged Josh to "just go look". We went and saw the buddy for the first time on a Friday afternoon, spent the next day prepping our house for him, and brought that crazy haired, army crawling, timid pup home on Sunday.  You guys should have seen the look on Josh's face walking Murphy to the car the day we adopted him, I think he may have already been considering divorce. Hahahaha totally kidding of course, but man did he look like "oh crap, what did we just do". Once we got him home, we've never looked back since.

Ok, that's a lie. Josh looked back a LOT the first month we had Murph. Because every morning and every afternoon we'd look at the front windows to see Murphy charging around the front yard and up and down the street because he had escaped the back yard. We spent countless nights and dollars at Lowes buying cinder block those first few weeks. I bet we went at least twice a week to get more and more, because Murphy kept escaping. 

He's eaten shoes, pillows, knocked over and destroyed the trash hundreds of times, eaten a whole pan of fudge which resulted in spending Christmas night at the emergency vet and spending half our savings, growled at every family member that's come through the front door, and been more mischievous than you can imagine. 

But I wouldn't trade that pup for the world. And I'm also happy to report he has grown out of chewing up everything, trash eating and growling at everyone. Although, we are still working on the being nice and playing nice with others. 

I tell everyone that I'm absolutely convinced that Murphy is a human kid trapped inside a dog body. The things he does are so human like, it's probably my favorite trait of his. 

Here are a few things about our sweet buddy: 

-He will put himself to bed when he's ready. He'll march down the hall, jump up on the guest bed that is covered with a special sheet just for him, situate his fuzzy blanket just right, grab a toy, and cuddle right up and sleep until morning. 

-He is SO vocal. Ask him if he wants dinner or to go the park and that guy freaks out. Howling, crying, more howling, barking, and more crying. He will definitely let you know how he's feeling. Sometimes if we're not giving him enough attention or if he doesn't feel very well, he'll march around the house just crying his little head off. 

-He watches TV. I swear he does. He once put his front two paws up on the mantel when he caught a glimpse of a black bear on TV standing on its two back legs. 

-He is always over the moon when you walk in the door and will never greet you without a toy. He is obsessed with toys. He carries them everywhere, in the car, to the park, everywhere. He can often be found sitting in his bed surrounded by his toys, loving on them and he likes to tuck them under his head or paw to sleep. 

-He's a big cuddler when he's in the mood. Saturday morning snuggles are the best. 

-He has really bad allergies and has recently started scratching his nose on everything. The bed, my wicker hamper, the rocks in the fireplace, the lazy boy and the blinds are a few of his favorite places. 

-Speaking of lazy boy, that's his favorite place to sit during the day and gaze out the window. 

-He's lighting fast and loves to take off sprinting at the park. 

I could write pages upon pages about our sweet boy, but I'll spare you ;) I hope you have a puppy dog to love on today!

 Also, I can't forget my sweet girl at home with my mom and dad, on Christmas she will turn 15. Dixie was my sidekick growing up and I hope she has 15 more years left in her because I can't bare the thought of her being gone. Love you, my precious baby girl.


Friday Rambles

It's Friiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Praise! Our office has been crazy quiet this week with more than half of my co-workers on vacation or work trips. We're a tiny office to begin with, then take half of us away and it's awfully quiet. 

This weekend I'm heading to Charleston for a bridal shower and Josh and I are starting a couples bible study soon, and Saturday evening the bible study leaders are having the couples over for dinner to get to know each other. I can't wait to meet everyone and am hopeful for the new friendships that we will form. This weekend we will also celebrate two years of owning our home. My how time flies! I love, love, love that little place we call home. Like, so much so that everyday I drive slowly down the street after I back out of the driveway so that I can admire our house...you guys, I just really love it! #crazylady #iknow

Speaking of owning our home for two years, I really need and want to do an updated home tour soon. I'll put that towards the top of my to-do list. 

This summer, or well this year really, it's been tough for me to find my blogging groove. For no in particular reason that I can put my finger on, I just haven't been writing as much. I hope a writing bug strikes me soon, because it truly is one of my favorite things to do. 

Last Sunday I joined every other woman in America at Bath & Body Works to take advantage of their candle sale and get a couple fall scents. I went with Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Apple something or another. I can't wait to get those bad boys going. Speaking of, I'm also having an internal debate on when it's appropriate to get my fall decor out. I know I'll put it up far too early, per usual, but who cares!

Looking ahead, I am extremely excited for next month as we'll be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary, and taking our anniversary trip the first weekend of October! Murphy is tagging along and it's actually embarrassing how excited Josh and I are to take him 1. on his first trip 2. to the beach for the first time. Josh's anniversary gift came in last week and it's strategically hidden in the house. We like to follow the traditional anniversary gifts list, and the theme this year is cotton. Last year's theme was paper. Here's the list if you're curious about what each years gift is.

For fun, here's a few recaps from our first anniversary. Where the pictures disappeared to in these posts, I'm not sure! Reflection Celebration 

We're patiently anticipating the start of football season in two weeks. I've started slowly getting out our Carolina things to hang on the front door, flag for the yard, etc. Here's to hoping we have a great season. Actually here's to really hoping we have a great season because I almost had a heart attack trying to secure tickets against LSU this week, and therefore I'll be upset if I don't get to see a good game due to the fact that I risked my health to get these tickets ;) We have a Monday morning meeting at 10:30 a.m. each week and wouldn't you know the day that football tickets went on sale at 10:00 a.m., our meeting gets changed to 10:00 that day! I literally ran back to my desk after the meeting and saw a yellow exclamation point next to the LSU that said "Not many left!". Cue my freak out. Somehow I ended up grabbing seats before they were all taken, and all is right in the football (and my husbands) world. 

Cheers to the weekend, friends!


Looking forward to: August

I wanted to write a goals post for August, but I decided to write a "looking forward to" post instead. If you've wrote a similar post or have posted your goals for the month, leave a comment with your link. I'd love to see what you're planning for the month! 

In August I'm looking forward to... 

celebrating two years of owning our home 
logging more running miles
dinner with friends and family
being one month closer to football, fall and cooler weather
quiet and uninterrupted time enjoying home and my husband 

Lately I have been very intentional about setting myself/my family up for success. For example, this past Sunday Josh and I picked out our clothes for the whole week and ironed everything. It has been fantastic getting up each morning and not fretting over what I'm going to wear and having to iron. I've also been fluffing pillows, lighting candles, tidying counters, and other small things around the house to keep it in tip top shape. It's amazing the power a beautiful, clean house can have on the atmosphere. Another thing I've started doing is setting my alarm earlier in the mornings so that I don't rush through my quiet time and I have enough time to thoroughly pray over my day. Being up even earlier is so refreshing and the light and quietness that fills our home in the mornings is irreplaceable. The first thing I do is open all the blinds and curtains in the house and turn on a soft light in the kitchen. It also helps to get up earlier to allow myself  5 minutes of spare time in the mornings that I can use to redo my hair if its not cooperating, pick out jewelry if I'm indecisive, etc. without being completely crunched for time. Little things like running out for ice cream on a week night, riding with the sun roof back, taking Murphy to Carolina's campus to explore a few times a week, are all so good for the soul. We've also started yoga, and we are hilarious and terrible at it. It gets easier, right? ;)

Although summer doesn't officially end until closer to the end of September, August for me is a "wrap up" month for summer. Routines are settling in, people are back in town from vacations, and I can't help but look forward to September. We'll be celebrating two years of marriage! I'm looking forward to a great month!