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It's been a little while, huh? I've caught the writing bug today so let's catch up shall we? July has been a fun month for the Colvins. 

I celebrated my 23rd birthday this month! Josh gave me a GiGi New York clutch I'd been eyeing for quite some time, had a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to work and we had drinks at a roof top bar in town and dinner at a great restaurant downtown, Colas. He also surprised me each day of my birthday week with little presents. I really lucked up in the husband department my friends. And not a day goes by that I'm not immensely thankful for that man. Mom and dad gave me Kendra Scott earrings and necklace and I don't think I've taken them off since I got them! 

We took a mini vacation to Hilton Head, which is where we honeymooned! Josh's dad side of the family has a time share down there and I went for the weekend and Josh stayed a few extra days to get in some time with his brothers. We made it to Salty Dog during my weekend stay, we were disappointed when we went last year because it was slammed and the wait time was around 3 hours. But this year we got there relatively early and although we had to sit outside and it was a bit warm, we had a great dinner and the guy playing music was set up right beside our table and said we were like the King and Queen of England, ha! We also saw a stunning rainbow right over the water while we ate. Afterwards, we headed to Harbour Town  and got to go on the 18th hole of the golf course. Josh was beside himself excited...and I won't lie, I was too :) We took of our shoes and pranced around in the lush grass and swooned over the most beautiful sunset I think I've ever seen. We also had a very close encounter with the cutest bunny and we saw a plane doing tricks over the harbor while we were out. Harbour Town is such a special place for us, as we spent some time there on our honeymoon and it was such a beautiful and perfect night when we went a few weeks ago, I was soaking every second in. It's as if it were only Josh and I out there that night and it was truly magical. We talked about what these last (almost!) 2 years of marriage have meant to us and what a blessing we have in each other. If I could have bottled that Saturday night up and to carry around with me forever, I would have. 

The biggest happening of July is that we bought a car! We really wanted to purchase a car for Josh last year, but things just didn't work out so we were very patient and prayerful that the Lord would show us when the time was right to buy and lead us to the right car...and that he did! We bought a Camry XLE with every bell and whistle imaginable and I am so proud that Josh has a new car. His old car had been so faithful and got him to and fro...but it was 10 years old with 208,000 miles, the heat was spotty in the winter and the radio lights went out a long time ago, so it was time to say goodbye. The Camry is Josh's primary car, but I worked out a deal that I get to drive it twice a week ;)

Besides that we've been doing the work grind, hitting the gym when we can, taking that sweet Murph out and about and resting in between. I've been on a running kick this month and ran 5 miles the other day! I was so proud of myself, but legitimately felt like a grandma the next day because my knees were killing me. It's been awhile since I've run any sort of significant (to me!) distance and I had forgotten how much I enjoy running when I get in to my groove. Looking ahead, I can't believe we're so close to August, but I'm not too sad about that. I hate to say it, but I'm ready for fall. We have been hovering around a 108 heat index with the actual temperatures about 101 this week and I told Josh the other day I felt like my skin was immediately burning when I went outside, haha! I'm ready for cooler weather, cozy blankets and fires in the fireplace. But, I certainly don't want to rush summer away and am looking forward to the next two months.

I hope y'all have been enjoying your summer and happy Wednesday! 

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  1. My mom has the same car and absolutely loves it so far!! Sounds like a wonderful trip to HHI! We looove the Salty Dog and Harbor Town, of course :)


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