Planning our 2nd Anniversary Trip

Folly Beach Pier, SC (clouds sunrise+sunset Fall+colors Spring Summer beach from+the+sky sky tropical water waves ). Photo by dobberjean
It is wild to me that Josh and I are planning our trip to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. I know I'm a broken record, but time really does fly. 

We had  briefly discussed what we wanted to do for our anniversary, but hadn't decided on anything quite yet when I saw Christina's recap of her recent stay at Folly Beach. I did a little researching and Christina posted a link to the condo that they stayed in, right on the beach! I ran the idea to go to Folly  for our anniversary by Josh...and the minute I said that condo was pet friendly, he was sold. Ha! We have been itching to take Murphy to the beach and going to Folly (an easy hour and fifteen minute drive for us) and staying right on the beach sounded like a great idea. We went back and forth between staying in a first floor condo and a third floor one. I was really sold on the first floor because I wanted to feel like I was sitting right on the beach from our patio, but the third floor was decorated nicer and just had an all over better feel. Josh had previously mentioned that he'd like to go to High Cotton (a fantastic restaurant that we ate at the weekend we got engaged in Greenville) at some point to celebrate our anniversary, and would't you know, Charleston has a High Cotton. Win-win.

We sent in our paperwork and just like that, our 2nd anniversary trip is booked! We decided to go the first weekend in October, rather than our exact anniversary, one because the actual day (September 21st) is a Monday and because dogs can go on the beach at any time during the day starting October 1st, rather than before 10 am and after 6 pm during the summer months.

I am so excited to take this trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary and to get to take Murphy to the beach! Now that our trip is booked, I've got to start wracking my brain for gift ideas. The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton. I've got quite a bit of thinking to do to land on what I want to give Josh!

Also, it's embarrassing how excited we are to take Murphy to the beach for the first time...we may or may not have already started a packing list, just for him! We sure do love that puppy dog.

Speaking of trips, we're sixteen days away from our trip to Las Vegas and Josh's first flight...he is freaking out. Send him extra prayers and happy thoughts if you think about it :)


  1. We went to Folly Beach last summer and stayed in The condo right next door to the ones Christina mentioned. It was an awesome trip and I love where the condos are located because there are tons of fun shops and restaurants right there… In the ocean isn't bad either :-)

  2. Dang you are so much more on top of this than I am! Our second anniversary will be on September 27th, and I haven't even thought about it for a second! Haha. Our first anniversary trip was to Disney World so we're definitely going to be toning it WAY back from that, but Folly Beach sounds like a great idea!


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