This Weeks Snaps

IT's FRIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Praise.the.Lord . Is it clear that I'm glad it's Friday and we're on the cusp of a weekend? ;) I hope you're just as delighted about it being Friday as I am. I'm sharing a few snaps from our week. 

Last night we went downtown for First Thursday on Main. Main Street in Columbia started this a few years ago, but it seems like its really picked up steam as of late. The first Thursday of each month the restaurants on Main Street offer drink and food specials, the art galleries are open longer, there a people performing down the sidewalks, it's just a lot of fun, especially since the weather has been so great lately. We went to Cantina 76 and I had mexican food for the third time since Saturday and rounded out my margarita total since Saturday at six. Six you guys. I didn't even think I liked margaritas until this week and six drinks in a week is probably more than I have in six months usually, ha! I guess I was just feeling extra festive this week and wanted to draw out Cinco de Mayo celebrations. The strawberry basil margarita at Cantina is the bomb. 

This little boy has been extra sweet this week. I just love him so. And I mean, just the cutest, look at the face. I'm thankful to work so close to home so that I can spend time with him at lunch. He's been pretty playful lately and I just melt, it's the cutest thing in the world. (How am I going to act when I have a human child?!)

Since I am so close and go home for lunch almost everyday, I've had a lot of opportunity to tidy up the house and keep it extra clean, which I love! On any given day you can find me enjoying a salad on the deck with Murphy and then going through the house fluffing pillows, finishing dishes, dusting, straightening picture frames, putting clothes away and I even cleaned the shower one day this week, ha! I love coming home (and have Josh come home) at the end of the day and the house be sparkling! That being said, I basically did a mini overhaul on our bedroom one day this week. And on a different note, the sunsets this week have been incredible. I walked out on the deck one night and the whole sky was pink, purple and blue. I especially love the way it streams into our bedroom window. I really love Spring. 

Here's to hoping you've got a spectacular weekend planned! 

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