Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Tuesday, friends! I certainly don't mind starting the work week on a Tuesday. After tomorrow, we'll be halfway through the work week with another weekend on the horizon. Just how I like it ;) How was your Memorial Day weekend?

We had a great one!On Friday I got off of work around 3:15 (praise!) and ran a few errands before heading home. I updated our home decor a little this week, most specifically the guest bedroom, but the living room got a few new touches as well. We dined outside on Friday night, sitting on the deck with pandora playing and our string lights twinkling. Mom and I headed to Charleston on Saturday for our annual Memorial Day weekend shopping trip at the outlets, and oh my goodness we got so much stuff. Almost every store had 50% off the whole store, including clearance. We really racked up at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor...Josh also scored some pretty sweet items. It is truly the best time to hit the outlets, mom and I score big every year. I think we probably got the best deals this year. We had to make several trips to the car to drop off our loot during the day. We ate at a fabulous BBQ restaurant in Charleston before heading home.  

Sunday we did our usual church thing, and afterwards we headed downtown to Motor Supply Co. for brunch. It was quite delicious, as expected, and I tried my first bloody mary. I have to say, it was probably one of the most disgusting things I've ever tasted. I literally felt like I was drinking shrimp, it was awful. But, now know! Mimosa please! We don't brunch all that often so this was definitely a nice little treat.

On Monday we headed to mom and dads house in the early afternoon after we had a lazy morning of sleeping in. We floated in the pool and cooked hamburgers that evening. We topped it off with watermelon then came home, took Murph to the park, then crashed on the couch as we got ready for the work week ahead. 

A great weekend indeed. We also took plenty of time this weekend to remember the fallen soldiers. I read numerous articles this weekend about the military and their families, and the respect I have for these folks is just out of this world. Their sacrifice is enormous and a thank you could never be enough. I'm so humbled by their service to our nation and honored to live in this great country. 

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  1. I definitely do not get the bloody Mary hype either! They are so nasty!!


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