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You guys know how it goes around here, same old song and dance. I have a blog layout for awhile, grow tired of it and make a change. So here we are, the new and improved layout for the blog. I hope you like it as much as I do. I'll be working out a couple of kinks for a few days, don't mind me. 

How was your weekend? We had a really rainy one around these parts. But, I think I see the sun peaking out from behind the clouds this morning and I am praying, praying for a lot of sunshine this week. I had to take my hanging baskets of marigolds off the back deck and put them in the guest bathroom bathtub so they wouldn't get pounded by the rain anymore! Here's to hoping they can make an appearance outside again today. 

Saturday morning I worked on a youth building project at church, while Josh had to work. After he got off we headed to my company's first annual family picnic. I really love the idea of company picnics and being able to mingle with your co-workers outside of work. I also love getting to meet everyone's families! After the picnic we headed to the mall to run some errands and Josh racked up on new shoes and a new suit from the Belk's Mens store that just opened. He is obsessed, to say the least. 

Sunday morning I woke up with plans to check out Lilly for Target after church, but when I checked instagram and saw the lines outside every Target imaginable, I decided if I wanted any chance at all to score anything, I better get up and go. So I throw on clothes, grabbed coffee and ran out the door to drive in the pouring rain to Target...only to get in the store to find the clothing racks completely empty and only a handful of home goods left. I got there 30 minutes after they opened.  You should have seen the amount of things women had piled into their buggies. It was truly madness. I walked around Target for a solid 2 hours waiting for people to put things back or find items misplaced on different aisles...all the while knowing I should have been at church instead. I ended up glaring at a minimum 100 crazy mothers out there shopping, bought some lipstick, nail polish and string lights...which I think the string lights are going back. Can you say desperate for something Lilly mixed with buying the last thing on the shelf? Pathetic, I know. Ha! I was waiting in the line to check the return rack and the woman behind me...with at least 50 items in her cart, had her cart touching my heels and she was standing right beside me. No sort of standing in line from her, whatsoever. As we moved up I literally had to jut my foot out beside me so she was forced to stand behind me. Southern woman love their Lilly and are mixed with a touch of crazy. I kind of wish you were limited to something like 5 pieces per person and that they had more inventory. It seemed like they had small amounts of each item. 

We got a monsoon most of Sunday but in between showers Josh and I hung our American flag and planted hydrangeas in the front yard. So in love with the way it looks! The rest of the day was spent relaxing and getting housework done. Sunday evening our area got hit with some extremely bad storms, sending happy thoughts to those whose homes were damaged. We finished the evening off watching the ACMs and I tweeted too much, per usual during an awards show. My thoughts - bring back old country, let Miranda sing and win less, so wished Taylor would have performed, Brooks and Dunn are legends and Kenny Chesney will forever be my favorite. 

I hope everyone has a week filled with sunshine and a happy Monday!

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  1. The Lilly madness was just that - madness. I got there 15 minutes before the store opened (I was not waking up earlier than I needed to on a weekend lol) and was at the racks at 8:00 and 30 seconds and still - nothing! On a more positive note, I love that photo of your front porch - sooo cute! Have a great week!


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