Colvin Casa: Street View

I really am trying my best to get my act together and photograph each room in our home so that I can get an updated tour for you guys. Our style has really developed and our home is just perfectly us.  I've been working to perfect our little stoop and we recently hung an American flag and planted hydrangeas, and I may or may not pull away slowly and drive up slowly to our house to admire how darn sweet it looks. I'm a huge fan of the "all American" look. What can I say? I love our little home SO much and am really proud of it. As I think everyone should be of their home. I always joke that I'm never moving from this house, haha! I figured if I'm not quite ready to photograph the inside of the house, why not go ahead and start with the outside? I was literally in the street one afternoon after work taking pictures, I'm certain my neighbors thought I was a bit crazy. 

There's still plenty we want to do in the front yard, like finding a way to keep those bushes out front under control. They grow so.fast. SO FAST. Yard work is such an on going process and I am sure the look of this space will continue to evolve over time. On a side note, I wish we were rich folks because they very first thing I'd do is hire a landscaper.  Yard work is no joke. Also, ignore the big stain looking thing on the mailbox, the old owners had a big pet sign there...for years apparently...and when we took it off, we had this great stain. I myself think it's a great excuse for a new mailbox post...Joshua? I also wanted put stones around the mailbox and then do flowers...but one of our in groud sprinkler heads is right next to the mailbox, so that foiled my plan a bit. But, planting some pretty blooms around the mailbox works perfectly for now. 

I hope y'all have a great Wednesday, halfway through the work week! Go ahead and guess our weather today...mhmmm...rain. But Monday and Tuesday were gorgeous and the forecast for this weekend is perfect. 

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