Today I'm doing a bit of reflecting and a lot of looking forward. In anticipation of Lent, I started searching my heart and praying over what I wanted...or should I say what I needed to give up this year. A lot of things clutter my heart. Whether it's my job, stress, money, busy-ness, gossip, tiredness, whatever it may be. One thing stood out very clearly to me in my searching and that was my shopping habits. I've said time and time again how much I love decorating our home...and how much I love changing things. I'm fairly certain I get it from my mom. She is always changing her home decor, so I get it honest ;) 

All jokes aside, it became very apparent to me that I need to give up shopping for home goods for Lent. I really get wrapped up in finding discontentment with my current decor and wanting to change things. New curtains, new rugs, new candles, new picture frames, new towels, new throw pillows, new everything. It's bad, it's sad. 

I love browsing through blogs, Pinterest and instagram looking for the latest trends in home goods. Then whenever I have a free minute on the weekend I start thinking, hmmm what store have I not been in lately, maybe mom will want to go shopping, hey babe want to ride to the mall. It's one thing to make changes to your home and it's another thing to sit in your living room looking for something to change. It's really apparent to me that I need to discipline myself and realize that I have a beautiful home filled with beautiful pieces and that I need to sit, be content, and be happy. I need to spend the time that I'd usually spend perusing a home goods store sitting in my kitchen with friends and family sharing dinner. My home doesn't have to look just like a pin on my "home" board. I don't have to change my curtains every other month. I can be a much better steward of mine and Josh's money other than buying new things, when the things that I'm replacing are perfectly good. 

I want this Lent season to be a time of discipline for me. I know that I will always have a hankering to browse stores for beautiful pieces for my home...sometimes I will buy things and sometimes I wont. But in this season I want to stay out of the stores and stay in prayer. I want to pray over the beautiful home that Josh and I have created. I want to fill it with friends, family, laughs, memories, good food, sweet desserts, Murphy snuggles, and quiet time with the Lord. It's so easy to look for contentment and happiness in things, in stuff. But stuff fades away, people stay. Jesus stays. 

What are you giving up for Lent? What is hindering you from spending time with the Lord? I think Lent serves a different purpose for everyone, that's what is so wonderful about it. It's a time to reflect on nothing and no one but yourself and your relationship with Christ. The She Reads Truth ladies hit it on the head this morning with the quote above. We are sinful people. We will always be sinful people. But is there anything better than knowing that even when we're covered in sin, the Lord gives us the opportunity to hit the pause button. To stop. To reflect. To repent. Because in just a few weeks, Jesus is going to hang on a cross for us. Every pain we'll ever feel and ever burden we'll ever have on our shoulders...he hung on a cross for. But the beauty in the death of Christ is that death could never keep him captive. He rises. 

Lord, captivate and change my heart in this Lent season. Help me to hit the pause button and to not hit play until I'm ready. 

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