Colvin Casa: New Bathroom Paint

Yesterday our hall bath got a little bit of a makeover! We'd been wanting to paint it gray for quite some time now and a few weeks ago we mosied into Lowe's and purchased our paint and supplies. We picked up paint samples a long, very long, time ago and decided on the most perfect gray. 

Yesterday our hall bath got a little bit of a makeover! We'd been wanting to paint it gray for quite some time now and a few weeks ago we mosied into Lowe's and purchased our paint and supplies. We picked up paint samples a long, very long, time ago and decided on the most perfect gray. 

Josh did all of the painting...I'm not much of a painter, nor do I enjoy it very much, so thank goodness for sweet husbands :) I'm very thankful he was willing to spend his whole day off yesterday painting. Most of the rooms in our house were painted colors other than "builder beige" by the previous owners, but they left beige in the entryway, living room, hallway, hall bath, and master bed and bath. We're big fans of the beige in the living room and entry, so we won't be changing that anytime soon...but I am thinking we may paint our master bath this same gray, I think we've got plenty left to cover it. This is our first home project we've done per say, and I think it turned out wonderfully. Both Josh and I really like the gray we picked out (sometimes you never know how it may look on the wall!) and it gives the bathroom a whole new look. 

Hooray for a new bathroom color just in time for Mackenzie's bridal show that Sarah and I are hosting at my house next month. 



Today I'm doing a bit of reflecting and a lot of looking forward. In anticipation of Lent, I started searching my heart and praying over what I wanted...or should I say what I needed to give up this year. A lot of things clutter my heart. Whether it's my job, stress, money, busy-ness, gossip, tiredness, whatever it may be. One thing stood out very clearly to me in my searching and that was my shopping habits. I've said time and time again how much I love decorating our home...and how much I love changing things. I'm fairly certain I get it from my mom. She is always changing her home decor, so I get it honest ;) 

All jokes aside, it became very apparent to me that I need to give up shopping for home goods for Lent. I really get wrapped up in finding discontentment with my current decor and wanting to change things. New curtains, new rugs, new candles, new picture frames, new towels, new throw pillows, new everything. It's bad, it's sad. 

I love browsing through blogs, Pinterest and instagram looking for the latest trends in home goods. Then whenever I have a free minute on the weekend I start thinking, hmmm what store have I not been in lately, maybe mom will want to go shopping, hey babe want to ride to the mall. It's one thing to make changes to your home and it's another thing to sit in your living room looking for something to change. It's really apparent to me that I need to discipline myself and realize that I have a beautiful home filled with beautiful pieces and that I need to sit, be content, and be happy. I need to spend the time that I'd usually spend perusing a home goods store sitting in my kitchen with friends and family sharing dinner. My home doesn't have to look just like a pin on my "home" board. I don't have to change my curtains every other month. I can be a much better steward of mine and Josh's money other than buying new things, when the things that I'm replacing are perfectly good. 

I want this Lent season to be a time of discipline for me. I know that I will always have a hankering to browse stores for beautiful pieces for my home...sometimes I will buy things and sometimes I wont. But in this season I want to stay out of the stores and stay in prayer. I want to pray over the beautiful home that Josh and I have created. I want to fill it with friends, family, laughs, memories, good food, sweet desserts, Murphy snuggles, and quiet time with the Lord. It's so easy to look for contentment and happiness in things, in stuff. But stuff fades away, people stay. Jesus stays. 

What are you giving up for Lent? What is hindering you from spending time with the Lord? I think Lent serves a different purpose for everyone, that's what is so wonderful about it. It's a time to reflect on nothing and no one but yourself and your relationship with Christ. The She Reads Truth ladies hit it on the head this morning with the quote above. We are sinful people. We will always be sinful people. But is there anything better than knowing that even when we're covered in sin, the Lord gives us the opportunity to hit the pause button. To stop. To reflect. To repent. Because in just a few weeks, Jesus is going to hang on a cross for us. Every pain we'll ever feel and ever burden we'll ever have on our shoulders...he hung on a cross for. But the beauty in the death of Christ is that death could never keep him captive. He rises. 

Lord, captivate and change my heart in this Lent season. Help me to hit the pause button and to not hit play until I'm ready. 


Colvin Casa: Valentines Day

Happy Thursday dear friends! Has it been a long week for anyone else? I'm thanking my lucky stars that tomorrow is finally Friday! I'm looking forward to a weekend spent with my sweetie :) 

It's no secret that I love every holiday, and love decorating for each them. I added a few touches around our house for valentines and will admittedly be a little sad to see them go on Sunday. 

What do y'all have planned for valentines day? Josh is in charge of all the plans for this year and he has mentioned a day "staycation". It has been a LONG, very long, time since we've had a low key Saturday, just to two of us spending time together, no obligations or places to be. I have to tell ya, a staycation sounds like the best valentines day ever. It's supposed to be pretty frigid here this weekend so I can just imagine a morning of sleeping in, breakfast and a day lounging and spending time together, Perfection. I think he's scheming to cook an awesome dinner Saturday night, and I'm really looking forward to see what he comes up with! For our gifts this year we got each other fitbits! We're so excited to start using them and have been talking about getting them forever now, so valentines seemed like a good excuse to do so ;) 

Oh and I should mention, Murphy will not be forgotten on valentines, he has the cutest little stuffed pig waiting in the cabinet to make its debut as his gift on Saturday. 

I hope each of you has a great valentines day and that you get to spend the day with the people you love most. Happy Valentines! 


It's a Revolution

Happy February! It's hard to believe that January has already passed us by, but I'm welcoming February with open arms. 

This weekend Josh and I took our youth group to a conference in town called Revolution. It was a 3 day conference with some seriously amazing music and a great speaker. Your heart really is changed after taking a group of youth that you care so much about to a conference that allows them to radically live for Jesus and to worship and praise in their own ways. I was constantly reminded this weekend that these youth could have been out doing a hundred other things this weekend, but they decided to commit to spending the weekend with their Lord. I'm so proud of those kids. 

The band that played this weekend was Royal Tailor and they are SO.GOOD. Literally. Go check them out right now. I jammed so hard every time they were on stage...what can I say, I'm a concert lover at heart and just can't sit still. 

Jonathan McKee was the keynote speaker for the weekend, he's a minister out of California. He touched on a few different topics this weekend including bullying, prayer, and asking that the Lord's will be done in our lives. It's funny how to take your youth to a conference, hoping and praying that they are listening and absorbing what the speakers has to say, and all the while you are gaining so much knowledge and truth from the speaker yourself. Jonathan struck a cord when he was discussing the Lords prayer and he came to the part where we say "thy will be done". Sure many of us repeat this prayer every Sunday in service, but how many times to we actually believe it when we say "thy will be done"? It's so much easier and a lot more convenient to say "Hey God, this is what I need. This is how I want this situation to go. It would be great if you could..." But why aren't we just saying, here's what's going on in my life Lord...thy will be done. Let go of control, give it to Jesus. Trust that he is in control and that he's got everything covered. For a God that created us, knows every tiny thing about us and who loves us enough to send his only son to die on a cross for us...don't you think he's got our best interest at heart? 

The thing that stood out to me the most this weekend, which I know the Lord was clearly laying on my heart, is that Josh and I are the only avenue to Christ a lot of kids in our youth group have. Our group is made up of a number of youth whose parents may not attend church and a majority of our group don't come to Sunday services, just to youth on Sunday nights. This weekend was such a reminder to me that I have got to be diligent about this avenue and opportunity I have been given and to make sure Josh and I are making the most of it. It truly brings tears to my eyes thinking that we may be the only people that show our youth group Christ, and I don't want to miss the mark with that. I don't ever want to see our duty as youth ministers as tiring or stressful...I just want to embrace it. It's such a reminder that I have to stay in the word and in prayer so that my relationship with Christ is ever growing, so that I am able to be a role model for our youth and when I'm teaching and speaking to them each week, it's genuine and not just another topic I'm talking about, with no experience to back it up. How can I stand in front of them every week and tell them over and over to read their Bible's and discover what God has to show for them if I missed a few days being in my Bible that week. Being a Christian is such a journey and I want nothing more than to be able to accompany them on their journey, to encourage them and to pray over them. We have a great group of kids, who I am so proud of and I love watching them grow in their friendships with each other and in their relationships with Christ. 

On Sunday as things were wrapping up and I was tired from jumping around and dancing all weekend, I was struck by the fact that my husband was sitting beside me. I had this overwhelming feeling come over me. This avenue, this opportunity, this journey of youth ministry, I get to share with my husband. This whole youth ministry gig would be really hard without him. Getting to be his partner and co-leader in this whole shin dig is such a blessing. I'm so proud to have married a man that loves the Lord as much as Josh does and that he's willing to serve when the Lord calls him. Throughout my life, I have seen the need and importance of needing a strong, godly male figure in your life and my goodness, the Lord sure sent me the best example of that when he gave me Josh as my husband. Having a marriage that is Christ centered and where you can share every though and question you have about religion is such an intimate thing to me. I can't imagine not sharing in that with my husband...so I'm counting my blessings every day that I'm lucky enough to have a man that honors the Lord. Youth ministry can be hard and scary...and it's certainly got it's challenges, so having a partner as awesome as mine makes me thankful. 

I hope everyone has a great start to their week! It's a rainy Monday morning over here, but I think I see the sun starting to peak out from behind the clouds. 

Lord, thank you for the beauty and blessing that this weekend was.