A Better Version

2015 has started off pretty swell...which I am so thankful for! My spirit, attitude, mind and heart have been quite happy since the year started. Granted, we're only six days in, but it doesn't hurt to start off on a great foot and keep the ball rolling the rest of the year, right?! I've been deep into Bible study and I've been craving the Word...craving to be in it and learning it and studying. It's been awhile since I've had the craving, and my goodness it feels good to be learning and listening to the Lord. It's no surprise to me that when I'm drawing closer to God, I can feel the contentment of my heart growing.

We were in the gym last night and Josh said "This year I want to be a better version of me. I'm tired of standing still." Yes, absolutely yes. I loved that. Bettering yourself, without feeling like you need a complete life change resonates so much with me. I'm ready to use the days and months of 2015 working on a better version of myself...like spending my time wiser, increasing my time with the Lord, soaking in time with the ones who mean so much to me, being diligent about how I spend my money and being conscience about saving....all things to better myself, not totally change myself. I really dig that. 

Josh reminded me last night that the Bachelor season premier was coming on. I checked the TV guide to see how long it was...and would you believe it was THREE HOURS?! Three hours that I would normally sit down and waste watching that show...but last night was different. Instead of parking it in front of the TV investing in the lives of others why they make snotty comments about each others dresses and hair and blah blah blah...I got my first piano lesson from my husband. When talking about our goals last week, I told Josh that I'd like to attempt to learn the piano, so last night my first lesson took place. And after my lesson was over, I had a ridiculous dance party in our bedroom to Fergie...and it was great. And I was so glad that I didn't waste three hours watching mindless TV. For me, that's what this year is about time well spent. I have a bad habit of wasting time...watching TV, on social media, you get the picture. But this year I am trying my darnedest to spend my time wisely. 

Another activity I really enjoy is cooking. The last half of 2014 I hardly cooked at all. Josh did most of it and I can't remember the last time I had looked for new recipes, even though it's one of my favorite things to do. So I got in the kitchen last night and cooked my homemade chicken alfredo...it's Josh's favorite dish and it truly has been embarrassingly long since I made it. I put on my apron and got to chopping, stiring, mixing, slicing and sauteing. My heart was happy and content moving around my kitchen, flour all over my apron. 

These are the moments, friends. These are the moments I refuse to let slip by me in 2015. I'm embracing them all. 

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday! 

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  1. Aw, yay for learning the piano and getting back to doing what you love with cooking. :)


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