What You Didn't See in 2014

Hello dear friends! I hope that everyone had a marvelous Christmas and is looking forward to the new year with anticipation! I have loved reading everyone's recap of their 2014. I did a recap last year and enjoyed looking back on the year, but this year is a little different, I don't feel compelled in the least to recap 2014, lol! 

2014 was a roller coaster ride for me. The year came and went very quickly, and I can't say I hate it. While 2014 held many beautiful memories, it also held a lot of painful ones too. So, I'm ready for a new slate and a new year...pages of the book that have yet to be written, anxiously awaiting to be filled with stories. 

What you didn't see on my blog that happened in 2014 is that Josh had a lot...and I do mean a lot...of health issues back in the Spring...what you didn't see is that we spent a lot of time in hospitals with my grandparents....what you didn't see is that Josh lost his job in July...what you didn't see is that I provided the one and only income for our family for 5 months....what you didn't see is much grieving that happened, and is still happening after my Papa went to heaven....what you didn't see was our dream to buy Josh a new car, that he desperately needs, go out the window....what you didn't see was me struggle with my decisions regarding leaving a job and starting a new one...

There was quite a bit that went undocumented on my blog this year because it was difficult situations to manage every day, much less speak and write about here in this space. Plus, I didn't want to bog my blog down with negativity, but I do feel like it's nice to get it all out there today, remember what 2014 held, and move on from it. 

One huge thing that you didn't see this year was how much my marriage thrived. 2014 was tough, no matter how you look at it...but my marriage grew so much this year and just speaking on marriage, it was a great year for us. That might sound contradicting to what you'd think when facing an extremely difficult year in every other aspect of our lives, but my goodness, looking back on this year I see my marriage shining in a positive light and I am so, so thankful for that. 

Josh and I sat down last night to reflect on 2014 and make our goals and resolutions for 2015. The one thing that we kept coming back to is that we really held true to our marriage goals that we set last year and beyond that we treated each other with so much love, honesty, caring hearts and encouragement. I say this so often that everyone is probably tired of hearing me say it but, marry someone you truly, deep down in your heart and soul and mind, absolutely love and who loves you back the exact same. I often describe my marriage to others as magical, but there is a sweet, sweet emotion that fills my marriage every single day. Everyone deserves that, everyone. 

Looking into 2015 there are bound to be great things ahead. Josh started a new job on Monday, our job as Youth Directors at our church is going great, Murphy fills us with laughs everyday, our families are supportive and loving, we've got our eye on a fun trip we'd like to take this next year, and most of all, just living life everyday with intentional joy. That's our phrase we picked for the year...intentional joy. 

Thinking about new year fills me with excitement and nervousness. Excitement because of the anticipation and opportunity of a new year and nervous because I don't want to mess it up. Anyone else ever feel that way? When doing my She Reads Truth study this morning, a commenter reminded me that you don't have to do a year perfectly, God's got grace for the imperfect moments. 

Here we go friends, today we'll wrap up 2014 and tonight we run head first into 2015. I pray that your year of 2015 is outstanding. Filled with many blessings and happiness. 

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