Merry Christmas from Colvin & Co.

Hello sweet friends, happy Christmas week! I want to send you many wishes of joy, love, peace, health and happiness to you and yours today. I'll be spending some sweet time with my family in the coming days and hope that you have the opportunity to do the same time.

I got up early this morning and was sitting by the fire reading She Reads Truth Advent study. A flood of thoughts filled my mind and I wanted to share those with you this morning. Christmas brings such anticipation. It's more than waiting to open gifts Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, but I'm reminded of the anticipation of Christ's birth. His birth represents so many things, but this year it especially brings to my mind the innocence and new beginning that Jesus brought to this world. He came as a tiny baby and grew up to be that man that saved us all. The story of his birth brings me tears of happiness. For me, many times throughout the year I view the world as a mean, scary place. The news is negative, social media can sometimes be negative, it's a vicious cycle of being sad when I look at the human race. But then...oh but then...I'm reminded that this is my temporary home and that nothing here is permanent. And that's because God sent his Son, the most worthy being to walk the Earth, who was born in a manger...a manger! I'm overwhelmed with joy and happiness when I think about the Christmas story and about how in one moment, when one child came into this Earth through his virgin mother, the world would be changed forever. That we, sinners, would be covered with grace and mercy because of the love the Lord has for us. Talk about a lot of love! I truly can't even wrap my mind around the love that he showers over us, shown by sending his son and then to allow him to die on a cross...all for his people, all for us. 

For the coming year, I am in desperate need of a new beginning. Of grace, mercy, and the love that Christ brings. 2014 brought a lot of worry, fear, sadness and uncertainty. We're facing our first Christmas without Papa, and undoubtedly it will be a sad and difficult one for all of us. But we'll rejoice in the fact that we'll get to all be together again one day. I'm ready to spend the next few days soaking in my family, the beautiful Christmas decorations that only have a few more days to adorn our home and especially spend time praising God for sending us Jesus.

 Josh and I (and Murphy!) wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for the time you take to come to this little space of mine and read about me and my little family. I hope that you have found encouragement, love and laughter in this space over the last year and I truly hope that you stick around in the coming year and that we can share in new memories together! 

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