2014 Christmas Card

Christmas cards are very close to the top of my favorite things about Christmas! I l o v e searching through card designs, finding the right picture to put in and picking out fun address labels and addressing each one. Most people hate addressing the cards, but I actually really enjoy it. I'm also a big fan of receiving them in the mail!

I'm really pleased with how our cards turned out this year! We got pictures taken in late October and when I saw the one that we ended up using on the front of the card, I knew we hit the jackpot. Josh and I were smiling and Murphy was looking right at the camera, bingo! I have to laugh because a few weeks before pictures, Murphy ran through some bushes in the yard and scrapped up his ear, typical Murph move, ha!

Last year we opted for a postcard with a wedding picture on it and I was over the moon with how it turned out, and it holds a special place in my heart because it was our first Christmas card! This year we decided to do a card with pictures and writing on the front and back. On the back we did a little blurb about milestones from the year. We decided on the gingerbread stamps this year and our address labels and stickers on the back are from Shutterfly. (Side note, I am a HUGE Shutterfly fan, their products are great and their customer service is second to none.)

I would love to see your Christmas cards, leave a link to your post!


  1. Love your cards, I got mine from Shutterfly this year too!

  2. your christmas card is gorgeous!!! i love your vest. i'm working on posting ours tomorrow... gotta get a couple good pictures of it first ;)


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