Intentional Time Spending

Hi friends! It's a cold, cold day in Columbia. I'm frozen just thinking about how cold it is out there. Tonight is movie night in the Colvin casa and I can't wait to get our fire going, blankets strewn all over the couch and cuddled next to my husband, while Murphy is sure to be tucked sweetly and warmly into his little bed. 

This weekend was a good one for my soul. I didn't have to spend much time at work, Josh and I spent a lot of quality time together, things around my house got done, our fireplace was running and movies were watched. It was a great weekend. 

Having time to enjoy my weekend and take a breather is somewhat of a new concept for me since I've started my new job. Being in the event industry, the hours are long and the days are short, seriously. Most weekends are spent at work and many weeknights are spent there too. This weekend made me realize with the holidays upon us, family to visit and many events taking place at work, I have got to be intentional with my time or I won't enjoy this season. 

I haven't gone too much in depth here in this space about my new job, but it's a lot of fun...but very tiring and a lot of hours. Sometimes I get to the end of a week and realize that I may have gotten to spend an hour of uninterrupted time with Josh that week. 

This holiday season, my prayer for myself is that I'll be intentional with my time and make it well spent. I love the holidays, I love spending time with my family, and I love the joy and cheerfulness this season brings. And just because I'm in a new job that keeps me running a million miles an hour , I don't want to forget where I enjoy spending my time most, and that is gathered with friends and family.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, cuddles by the fire, hot chocolate, Christmas lights, good food and good time with friends and family.

In an effort to spend my time wisely, I've made myself weekly lists with attainable goals of things I need to do around the house, bills to get in the mail, time I want to spend with family and friends and I truly believe that seeing it all in front of me AND having "quality time with such and such this week" will keep me accountable and help me to be intentional with my time.

Here's to time well spent this holiday season. And I may have to hang up a Christmas wreath on the door tonight ;) Josh is making me wait until Sunday to decorate the rest of the house. Scrooge, just kidding! ;)

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  1. Sounds like a busy, exciting new job! Hope you're able to savor every moment with family and friends this holiday season. Enjoy movie night!:)


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