Celebrating Murphy

This post has been sitting in my drafts for far too long now. So here we go, almost a month later, talking about Murph man's birthday celebration!

On Monday, October 27, we celebrated Murphy's second birthday and his one year of adoption! When we adopted him, they weren't sure what his birthday was, so we just decided to make his birthday and adoption day the same. 

This past year he has brought us SO much joy! Josh has never been a huge animal person like me, but oh my goodness has Murphy been a game changer for that. He loves that little animal so stinking much, just like I do. Murphy has a personality all his own and is so much fun. He loves his toys, handles each one with special care and then rips all the stuffing out ;) He loves to go for walks at the park, car rides, dinner time and whenever someone says "treat!". He can sit, stay and come and listens well...most of the time, ha! 

He lets me dress him up however I want to and let's me put a coat on him when it's cold out. He loves to snuggle up in the bed with you and if he's really riled up, he'll pounce right on top of you. He is definitely the most vocal animal I've ever had or known. He'll cry when he's trying to tell you something and do little barks when he is excited. It's one of my favorite things about him.

To celebrate, he had a steak dinner, a plate full of homemade dogs treat and got a new toy. He also got a new puppy dog toy and a new bed...but we gave those to him a few weeks ago because we're bad at holding onto gifts ;)

Murph man, we love you so very much. We love seeing up jump in the window, toy stuffed in your mouth when he pull into the drive way and I love walking down the hall in the morning to the guest room and see you snuggled so sweetly on the bed. You make all of our days a little brighter and certainly keep us on our toys.

Here's to many, many more birthday little man. 

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