Southern Weddings V7: Pineapple Girl

I'd be willing to bet that most of you have not only heard of Southern Weddings magazine, but probably have V7 sitting in your house somewhere. 

I've been a reader of their website and magazine for quite some time now. And Lara Casey actually came to Columbia for a speaking engagement this summer that I had the opportunity to attend. Which actually lead to my new job...crazy! 

Back in June, I got to participate in the Holy City editorial that they did in Charleston. It was a beautiful day and it was so fun to watch the behind the scene makings of the shoot. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. Lisa and Emily were the two SW gals that were there for this shoot and it was such a treat to watch them work their magic and see their vision for the magazine truly come to life right before our eyes. 

The shoot was at the William Aiken House in Charleston and it was a breathtaking venue. I'd passed by it a thousand times when visiting Charleston, but had never been inside until this shoot. 

For the shoot I got to wear this fun pineapple dress! It was cool to be able to wear a staple piece for the shoot. Each vendor that was involved with the shoot was spectacular at their craft and it was inspiring to see everyone milling around, doing what they do best :)

The heart of this magazine and the hearts of the ladies behind it, amaze me day in and day out. It's such a blessing to read a positive magazine with positive thoughts about marriage. I love, respect and honor my husband and marriage SO much, that this magazines speaks to my soul and my goal of nurturing my marriage the best that I can.

SW gals, thank you for what you do for marriages, The love and support that you give day in and day out, it is so appreciated!

Also, I may or may not have let out a little squeal when I saw Southern Weddings instagram post yesterday ;)


Celebrating Murphy

This post has been sitting in my drafts for far too long now. So here we go, almost a month later, talking about Murph man's birthday celebration!

On Monday, October 27, we celebrated Murphy's second birthday and his one year of adoption! When we adopted him, they weren't sure what his birthday was, so we just decided to make his birthday and adoption day the same. 

This past year he has brought us SO much joy! Josh has never been a huge animal person like me, but oh my goodness has Murphy been a game changer for that. He loves that little animal so stinking much, just like I do. Murphy has a personality all his own and is so much fun. He loves his toys, handles each one with special care and then rips all the stuffing out ;) He loves to go for walks at the park, car rides, dinner time and whenever someone says "treat!". He can sit, stay and come and listens well...most of the time, ha! 

He lets me dress him up however I want to and let's me put a coat on him when it's cold out. He loves to snuggle up in the bed with you and if he's really riled up, he'll pounce right on top of you. He is definitely the most vocal animal I've ever had or known. He'll cry when he's trying to tell you something and do little barks when he is excited. It's one of my favorite things about him.

To celebrate, he had a steak dinner, a plate full of homemade dogs treat and got a new toy. He also got a new puppy dog toy and a new bed...but we gave those to him a few weeks ago because we're bad at holding onto gifts ;)

Murph man, we love you so very much. We love seeing up jump in the window, toy stuffed in your mouth when he pull into the drive way and I love walking down the hall in the morning to the guest room and see you snuggled so sweetly on the bed. You make all of our days a little brighter and certainly keep us on our toys.

Here's to many, many more birthday little man. 


Intentional Time Spending

Hi friends! It's a cold, cold day in Columbia. I'm frozen just thinking about how cold it is out there. Tonight is movie night in the Colvin casa and I can't wait to get our fire going, blankets strewn all over the couch and cuddled next to my husband, while Murphy is sure to be tucked sweetly and warmly into his little bed. 

This weekend was a good one for my soul. I didn't have to spend much time at work, Josh and I spent a lot of quality time together, things around my house got done, our fireplace was running and movies were watched. It was a great weekend. 

Having time to enjoy my weekend and take a breather is somewhat of a new concept for me since I've started my new job. Being in the event industry, the hours are long and the days are short, seriously. Most weekends are spent at work and many weeknights are spent there too. This weekend made me realize with the holidays upon us, family to visit and many events taking place at work, I have got to be intentional with my time or I won't enjoy this season. 

I haven't gone too much in depth here in this space about my new job, but it's a lot of fun...but very tiring and a lot of hours. Sometimes I get to the end of a week and realize that I may have gotten to spend an hour of uninterrupted time with Josh that week. 

This holiday season, my prayer for myself is that I'll be intentional with my time and make it well spent. I love the holidays, I love spending time with my family, and I love the joy and cheerfulness this season brings. And just because I'm in a new job that keeps me running a million miles an hour , I don't want to forget where I enjoy spending my time most, and that is gathered with friends and family.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, cuddles by the fire, hot chocolate, Christmas lights, good food and good time with friends and family.

In an effort to spend my time wisely, I've made myself weekly lists with attainable goals of things I need to do around the house, bills to get in the mail, time I want to spend with family and friends and I truly believe that seeing it all in front of me AND having "quality time with such and such this week" will keep me accountable and help me to be intentional with my time.

Here's to time well spent this holiday season. And I may have to hang up a Christmas wreath on the door tonight ;) Josh is making me wait until Sunday to decorate the rest of the house. Scrooge, just kidding! ;)


When a Retreat Refreshes You

Happy Monday, friends! I'm back from a weekend spent in the mountains with our youth group. Josh and I tackled our first trip as youth directors this weekend with our youth's annual fall retreat to Asbury Hills and I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all. 

This weekend was just what I needed. A step away from real life and reality and step into God's beautiful creation, with a fantastic group of youth, my husband, and no cell service. Is it time to go back yet? 

This weekend laughs were abundant, tears we cried, disappointments were shared, raw and honest testimonies were shared and the Lord was at every turn. My heart was at such peace this weekend. And I hope our youth felt that way too.

We couldn't have asked for better weather this weekend we hit the mountains at just the right time because all of the leaves were changing and the views were nothing short of stunning. As I said, this was our first trip as youth directors and I am so thankful for the time we got to spend with our guys and girls this weekend. It was such a great opportunity for our friendships to grow, to learn more about them and to connect with them on a different level. 

I never knew that the Lord had plans to lead Josh and I into youth ministry, but after this weekend, I can fully say that I'm so glad that He did. In an effort to be very transparent, planning for this trip was daunting. Between lining up a van, securing a cabin, getting permissions slips signed and turned in, to planning every program that took place this past weekend, it was tiring just planning the trip. But once we got there and everything began to fall into place, I was at such ease and peace, knowing that the Lord was in control and that the weekend would be better than we could have even imagined. 

My eyes, heart and mind were opened to situations going on in my life and situations going on in the lives of my youth this weekend. We took a night hike and ended up on the dam overlooking the lake and we all laid down and talked to God. Without words even being spoken out loud, I knew the Lord was moving in the hearts of those youth. I was honored to cry alongside and pray alongside all of them. 

We all have so much junk in our lives that sometimes we just need to rid ourselves of, and this weekend was the perfect opportunity to do so. In one of my prayers this weekend, I urged the youth (and myself and Josh included) to find God wherever they are. Whether that's kneeling at the foot of the cross or whether that's at the end of a long, scary road, with the cross barely in sight. Wherever our journeys are at this point and time, God will meet us there. He knows our needs, wants, desires, successes, failures, and sins...and He is there to grant us everything we need and give us grace when we need it most. 

Sitting at my desk this morning, I'm longing to be back in the mountains with that group. Reality is hard, for everyone. But I'm so thankful to have people to go through life with that are encouraging and prayerful...and I pray that our youth group knows just how much we love them and how often we cover them in prayer. When we first got this job, someone told me that before I knew it I'd love these kids like they were my own, and I absolutely do....I absolutely do.