Year Number One In The Books

My goodness, I can't believe a year has passed since I walked down the aisle to my groom. I'm fairly certain every bride says that, the years go by so fast! Over the last year I have learned so much about myself, Josh and about marriage. 

Marriage is such a beautiful union and I regard my marriage so highly, treasure it so much, and care for it with all my being. In my card to Josh, I told him one of my favorite things about our marriage is how much we are a team. We have this little running thing that we always say #teamcolvin. No matter what the other one is experiencing or facing, whether good or bad, we are a team and we face it together. We encourage, support and pick up other up and that's something I am so thankful for. We never let the other one weather something without weathering it with them. Our "team" mindset we have going is something I hope we keep up forever. 

Another aspect of our marriage that I'm extremely thankful for is both of our abilities to forgive and apologize when one of us is wrong. If we get into any sort of tiff, give us ten minutes and I guarantee that one of us will be apologizing and the other one will be forgiving. During this year of marriage we have both been so diligent in admitting when we were wrong and saying "I'm sorry". This is another trait I hope we keep FOREVER. I'm proud to say that in our marriage we apologize, forgive and move on...and do so without going days or even hours between arguments. To Josh and I, it's not worth it to be mad at each other or in disagreement, life is short. Each passing breath is so fleeting, neither of us find it productive to hold onto issues that may arise in our marriage. 

Marriage shows you how selfish you are sometimes and it reminds you often how in love you are with your spouse. The chance to create a home with my husband makes my heart sing. I love creating an environment that is his and mine. One that we can welcome friends and family in to, and hopefully a place that our friends and family see our marriage and love for each other shine brightest. Marriage has shown me how selfless Josh is, that man waits on me hand and foot, it's really something else. Marriage has also shown me that Josh will leave his junk everywhere...every.where...ha! And it's ok, because occasionally I'll leave my junk around too. Marriage is a give and take. 

Being able to "do" life and share life with another person is magical, to me. Especially with someone you love so much. Each time we take a trip to a new place, go on a new adventure, try a new restaurant, it's all that more special because I'm sharing and creating these moments with my husband, the man I love so dearly. I get chill bumps just thinking about it. 

I'm on the edge of my seat excited to see what year two holds for us. The memories that will be written, the trips that will be taken, the laughs that will be shared, the moments that will hold a place in our hearts forever. 

Goodness gracious fella, I love you so much. You show me everyday what an outstanding example of a husband is. And let me tell you, I will never forget how wonderful you are and how darn lucky and blessed I am that I get to be your wife for the rest of life. You make each of my days a little brighter, keep me down to earth, and have me in stitches from belly laughs every.single.day. You make marriage so much fun. Your supportive spirit drives me day in and day out. Your willingness to do whatever I ask of you or whatever anyone asks of you is admirable, and I thank you for always putting me first. As I said in my vows over a year ago now, life with you is so, so sweet. And I mean that, everyday of this last year has been a dream come true. Even the really tough days. Because even on a tough day, we get to come home together and do life, good and bad days, together. And that's my favorite place to be, together. I love you more than you will EVER, ever know. Being Mrs. Colvin is truly an honor. 

Your Wife

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